gift of art

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We’ve kept some of the drawings done by our kids when they were very young. Their gift of art given to my wife or me, sometimes both of us. Some were birthday or Christmas gifts, others weren’t for any particular event just done in love and the kids enjoying the act of giving and the gratification they would receive from our appreciation.

The kids still give us cards for special events in our lives and vice-versa. They don’t draw us pictures anymore, they’ve learned to express their love and appreciation with words and actions.

My mom has drawings and paintings my siblings and I did as children too, she cherishes those unorthodox scribblings as if they were embossed in pure gold.

Somewhere in the maturation process I’ve figured out that the quote from the Bible, “It’s better to give than to receive,” is very accurate, although I appreciate getting things as well.

The things I desire as gifts from others don’t have anything to do with money, in fact, all the money in the world can’t buy what I desire as gifts. Even as I give of myself in joy, I make mistakes, usually with loved ones more than others. The gift of love given by my loved ones is displayed in forgiveness… What a great gift.

That gift is as sweet as the drawings of children…

Money might be able to buy obedience for a time, but it can’t purchase respect. To appreciate someone for who they are as defined by their actions over a period of time is as rich a gift as any other.

Another gift that isn’t for sale is compassion. When I see that gift given I know the person offering it is one of the richest people in the world, I also notice that those same people are usually the happiest people as well.

Since I’ve received God’s free gift of eternal life paid for by the blood of His Son, I’ve realized He’s given even more than that as if that weren’t enough. I’ve also been given a bit of the same attributes of the One who’s image I’m created in.

Because that free gift comes with some wisdom, I realize that the very gifts that were spent on me I’m designed to spend on others as well. Gifts like love, respect, forgiveness, compassion, and mercy to name a few.

It’s an interesting paradigm shift, the more I give with the proper perspective, the more I get.

It seems the simpler the gift the better…

Have we contemplated the value of a simple genuine smile?

What would you give up to see a beautiful sunset?

How far would we go, or how much would one give in order to hug their mom or dad one last time before God takes them home?

What would we give to spend an eternity with God and the ones who made those scribble drawings for us that they were so proud of?

These simple words are my gift to the world, they aren’t perfect, they’re a little like those scribbled drawings done by our children and us before them, but these words are given with the same attitude and heart today.

These words like the drawings are given to the people that mattered most in the lives of children…

Today that person is you…

May God bless you with the gift of His love and may you be lifted up.