the gang of theyFunny how a perspective changes… Some of the things I hated as a kid I now enjoy. On the flip side, some of the things I loved to do as a kid I now can’t stand. A change of heart is what they call it. I don’t know exactly who the gang of “They” are, but I’m figuring out that “They” were and are pretty sharp.

I’ve never been one who had a driving desire to be part of a crowd or known as a person who belonged to a specific group of people, but I find myself gravitating toward the time I can be singled out as one of those members of that gang referred to as “They.”

I’ve noticed only really intelligent things come from that gang or group. Even people who aren’t very smart begin to sound like they are when they repeat the things the members of the “They” gang have passed along to them. It’s amazing to be able to remember the words of wisdom from that famous gang of select members and be able to use one of “Their” quotes in a conversation.

Quoting the revered gang is like magic… It’s like hammering the gavel of justice and authority down on the wooden desk of certainty with sure command of the subject. It even carries more clout than the old king of the brokerage firm; EF Hutton. While everyone may have quit talking to hear the wise words from the brokerage powerhouse, it didn’t decide the fact of their position or statement.

It was just opinion, but when we quote the ever powerful members of the “They” gang, the point is made. The decisive words cutting to the core of wisdom, bringing all parties to perfect understanding and usually agreement. It’s just conversation until someone utters the all powerful words, knowing what follows makes the speaker the wise person whose wisdom is above moral questioning.

The simple yet profound words roll off the tongue like slow motion swimming in molasses; “You… Know… What… THEY… Say…” We only have to hear the definitive words of the truly wise people once to remember them forever. The genius of the masters of communication from the members of the envied gang of “They” is that it’s always profoundly simple. So perfectly descriptive of even the most challenging of subjects.

Some enlightened folks will state facts with a sound of authority they might even tell us that they heard, read, or studied a subject. These folks might even tell us they’ve seen, but none of those things stack up against the truly wise words of what “They” say.

Yep, the “They” gang members have the proof of human nature across history on their side, but more than the perfect evidence “They” have, the truly enlightened people have accepted the invitation to the gang or family of the wise. The invitation and membership is free and the invite and head of the order is God Himself.

“They” are those that have accepted and seek the will of God…

And you know what “They” say?

If you can’t beat em’, join em’…