ending of a tradition

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Well, they did it… They fixed my wagon… But good… I guess I’d been asking for it… I pushed my luck a little too far this time. I can’t say I blame them… After all, I even annoyed myself a bit.

The tough part for me was the reality of the ending of a tradition. Even if it was an annoying one. Every year my wife, kids, or both would get me tennis shoes for Christmas. My tradition was to eye the wrapped shoe box carefully while smiling and say something like, “Oh my”! – “Whatever could this be?!!! It got to the point they’d heard it so often over the years, when I’d repeat the tradition, my family was less than filled with laughter.

Imagine my shock and horror when they loaded a bag with socks, shaving products, and tennis shoes! No more unwrapping my Christmas tennis shoes!

Change is difficult regardless of how seemingly insignificant. No wonder we struggle with the big changes and the passing of a tradition. Some traditions are meant to end. To be passed on.

When the kids were young every time they got money, it never mattered the amount. Whatever the amount was, I’d ask them if I could borrow the exact amount. I did it so regularly the big girls were less than amused.

Now when their little sister gets money, regardless of the amount, the older sisters ask her if they can borrow that amount. Enough time has passed that they find it hilarious. A dumb tradition, but a fun one that means something personal to all of us.ย One day I know there will be grandkids unamused for a moment in time before passing it along in love.

With the passing of some traditions comes deep sorrow. With time, although some traditions never to be relived, God grants new traditions.

This is one of those years… My family had the blessing of my mom and sister spending Christmas with us this year. What a blessing from God. I’m not sure what the future will hold in the way of traditions, but I can tell you this; I’ve learned to appreciate the little things in life. To appreciate the gifts and blessings as God provides them.

This day too will pass, never to be given another shot at. I’m learning to make the most of any given situation, to look for the blessings in it.

I’m gonna miss the tradition of pretending in humor that I don’t know what’s inside the wrapped Christmas tennis shoe box. I gotta hunch that this tradition too will live long past my life. It doesn’t mean as much as the celebration of Christmas and bringing God honor, but it adds our own personal family touch to the tradition.

Hopefully, it all reminds us of the ever important tradition of being thankful. If a person can’t find something to be thankful for, they probably aren’t looking hard enough. Looking for something to be thankful for might be a pretty good start… and tradition.