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As I walked toward the door I glanced up and spotted her, she had spotted me first. I sensed her fear and looked closer at her, sure enough, her aged brown eyes were overflowing with fear.

I started to move to one side of the oversized colonnade, symmetrically sprinkled with columns, in order to make her more at ease. It didn’t help. She stopped abruptly about 30 feet from me in the mostly vacant once heralded strip mall.

She gave me one last glance over her terrified shoulder as she hurried back in the opposite direction…

Those eyes reminded me of my grandma’s when I was a kid, the fear she had toward the end of her life as she tried to make sense of the world while stricken with Alzheimer’s. What could I do at that point?

If I would have said or done anything in her state of mind it would have been taken in the wrong manner. She assessed the situation and quickly decided it was safer for her to go back the way she’d come.

Whatever plans she had for the morning were altered; maybe even forever, who knows?

If she would have looked close to see the coffee mug in one hand and a water bottle in the other, along with a mini headset I was wearing, she might have been able to deduce I was just on my way to the gym.

She had no way of knowing in that strip mall with the old movie theatre converted to a gym and all the closed down businesses with so many dangerous hiding spots, it’s probable that the safest she was going to be in that location was within 30 feet of me.

It broke my heart to frighten an older lady, but after some thought I realized that hers is not so different from how the rest of us live our lives. We stroll through the colonnades of our lives fearing everything, not just physical harm, which is certainly justified, but everything else under the sun and moon.

We fear change, we fear not having respect, we fear not being loved, we fear not having enough, we fear having others take something from us, we fear not being able to control others, especially our loved ones, and we fear death… Those are just the highlights.

We’ve come to be a society of “Gato Miedos”! That’s “scared cat” for the Spanish-speaking challenged.

The really bothersome part to me is the fact that our society has no fear of the only things we should fear. Yet we’ll struggle to find too many among us with a fear of living a life without honor or self-control which comes directly from God.

Due to the lack of true understanding we fear the things of the flesh that have no lasting value anyway. We mock and ignore the obvious signs that point to the omnipotence of God over His creation.

Before we allow fear to dominate our lives and cause us to change directions we need to hesitate and ask ourselves a few questions:

“Will the matter I’m contemplating travel with me into eternity”?

“Are the real treasures of this life from without or within”?

“If God be for us, who can be against us”?

“What can man do to me”?

With a little better understanding of the power of God in our lives maybe we’ll be a little better equipped to walk the colonnades of our lives.

The only true danger is not trusting in the Cornerstone that holds is all together…