the bottom of my heart

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The majority of the eyes scrolling across this screen or page, along with the hearts behind them, have a great deal in common with me and one another. Many of us have that innate desire to lasso the vivid pictures in our mind’s eye and bring them to life through our words. My guess is that the bottom of your heart is not so different than the bottom of my heart.

The odd part about this creative world of wordsmithing is that when a body of words is complete it doesn’t always resonate or connect with hearts the way we had hoped. Sometimes it feels like an empty theater with only the sound of a lonely cricket singing… and yet we forge ahead.

It’s an odd dynamic to spend lonely time with a pen and paper or keypad in trying to hitch our hearts and souls up to others. When we fail to inspire and connect we still find gratification in the crazy process and calling.

What binds all of us together is our inborn need to connect, regardless of our widget or vocation. In that sense, we’re all in this together.

I’m Supremely blessed too with a pretty consistent group of friends that always reach out to one another to encourage and be encouraged. It’s a gift that makes precious gems seem like costume jewelry.

Every once in a while, we get an unexpected shot in the arm and heart. The kind of shots that I think are arranged by God to reinforce a sagging soul.

Chris caught my eye from across the gym and waved me over. I raised my chin as I approached him in an unspoken, “What’s up?” manner.

“I just wanted you to know how much that post you did a while back about your daughter touched me and my wife,” Chris said. He went on to explain how it made him remember things about his life and family. Chris shared how after he persuaded his wife to read it she finished with tears in her eyes. He told me that he did too.

My old gym buddy told me he felt like he’d stolen a piece of my world and used it to relate to his world to remind himself how blessed he was and how much he cherished his family. I assured him that no, he wasn’t guilty of swiping anything from me.

I told him that was the whole purpose of my words that often miss the mark or target like an arrow shot in a hurricane… but once in a while, I think our words do find their target. I believe that now and then they get Divinely pointed in the direction of other hearts in need of encouragement, inspiration, and reflection.

There is a time when our words hit dead center of a heart and pierce it with wisdom that pours forth love and joy that overflows the shallow banks of our eyes.

As my words encouraged my friend’s heart, his did mine.

For all of you who spend your precious time and heart to encourage mine, I say thank you so much… from the bottom of my heart.