blue suitcase

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The dark overcast skies filled with dew gently weeping hid the fact that it was daytime. I woke to that misty silent sound and smell that made my room part of the outside atmosphere through an open window.

I stumbled through a dim lit room on my way to the bathroom to fumble through my things in search of my phone to discover the exact time of the early morning hour. To my surprise and chagrin, I discovered it was after 8:00 am. I was a couple hours behind schedule.

I find myself behind schedule most of the time, even when I’m at home. The Arizona sun never allows my body to be tricked into over sleeping, and yet I still find myself racing the clock almost everyday – all day long…

I had some work related loose ends to wrap up, organize my things, find a bag for my dirty clothes, grab something to eat and head home to a late afternoon business meeting and most importantly; see my family.

I moved with purpose. I’m used to being behind schedule; no panic, just diligent pursuit of a finish to all the loose ends, use all available short cuts to make up as much time as possible.

After having my things outside, one more quick “once over” to make sure I had everything, a bee-line for the vehicle and off I went. I glanced at the clock, still way behind schedule. I moved my way down the surprisingly busy freeway.

I set the cruise control on about 13 miles an hour over legal limit and set my eyes on “eagle” mode as I watched for cops. About 3 1/2 hours into my 5 1/2 hour trip, I reached back to open my blue suitcase and retrieve my computer without taking my eyes off the road. No time available for a rest stop.

I reached backward over the console, right arm extended, palm up, waving my arm back and forth, skimming the top of the backseat, trying to locate the small suitcase. It must have slid to one side as I raced through the switchbacks trying to make up time.

A quick glance behind me into the backseat didn’t reveal anything. Then it hit me…

My bags were still sitting outside in California. 300 miles behind me. I started making phone calls trying to secure my things, most importantly my computer and writing pad.

If only I practiced what I preached… How many times have I told someone, “Haste makes waste”! While this particular scenario was an honest mistake brought about by miscalculation of the need for an alarm clock, it brought to my attention a trend I follow daily in my life.

Many of us have the same tendencies. We try to get more done in a given time period than we should. I’m not suggesting we not have daily and long term goals, but when we schedule things in a manner that leaves us in constant state of anxiety trying to cross all of our “to do’s” off our list, it’s time for a change.

Many of us measure our self worth by what we accomplish physically in this world. While I also believe the gift of gratification for things accomplished in our flesh is a gift from God, I also believe that same gift is like all the other gifts supplied by God.

When we take that blessing and work at all costs to achieve that sense of accomplishment or gratification in our deeds, we’ve lost the true purpose of our gift. This is the point when we begin to worship the gift instead of the Giver. Like the pagans of old and new, we worship idols.

How many times have I rushed off into a busy life and forgotten God?…

Just like I did that blue suitcase…