speeding down the road of life

image courtesy of photobucket.com

A six-hour drive through the barren desert, unable to speed too excessively due to already maxed points on my driving record, can be a bit boring to say the least. I get a little angry when I hear those words ringing in my ears, “Driving isn’t a right, it’s a privilege”! A subject for another time…

My wife got fed up waiting on me to get away on vacation so she took the youngest and off she went. She’s somewhat used to it, I’m no stranger to a lonely ride by myself to California.

Your mind wanders driving by yourself for long periods of time when you’re speeding down the road of life. There’s only so many blowing tumbleweeds to dodge at 83 miles per hour. (The magic number to not be pulled over by the cops in a 75 mile per hour zone).

I reminisced long drives through the southwest desert as a kid. I recalled the trips with no air conditioners as we made our way up the steep desolate grades with the heater on full blast trying to keep our old junkers from overheating in the dead of summer.

I remember the sheer boredom causing me to hang my head out the window staring down at the lines on the highway until the fiery heat caused too much pain to not withdraw.

I also recall looking perpendicular or 90 degrees from the vehicle at the trees, bushes, or weeds. They were passing us by so fast it would make my head spin.

In my boredom of that trip to catch up with my wife, I tried some of those old childhood games, well I considered hanging my head out the window for about 1/16 of a millisecond, then decided just to look sideways out of the car.

I immediately remembered how fast the bushes flew by looking directly at the dried yellow weeds at highway speed. I couldn’t look very long, it actually made me queasy.

What happened? I was much tougher as a kid I guess. As I tried to play that game for the second and last time of the trip something dawned on me…

In some ways, kids have a better perspective on things. Kids haven’t been forced to see life through the lens of an adult yet. The process takes time. During the process, much is gained, and a little lost I think.

In some ways, kids see life for what it is. Maybe life goes by so slowly for kids because they see things in reality. Kinda like looking sideways out of the car directly at the trees, bushes, or plants at 75 miles an hour.

That perspective is exactly how fast life is passing us by. As we get older we’re trained to “look down the road”! For safety sake on the highway and the road of life we’re taught to plan, look ahead. We’re encouraged to not look too closely or dwell too long on what is immediately around us.

As we look down the roads of our lives, we’re looking so close to the pitfalls and dangers down the road sometimes we miss the real world and the beauty that is flying by us.

As I looked way down the highway for dangers and cops I realized that was the story of my life, at least in part. I’ve missed some of the beauty and joy of this life racing down the highway toward the end of it.

Traveling down this long road of life, I’ve spotted others traveling in the same direction with the same intent. We get distracted and sometimes obsessed with passing each other, actually creating more dangers in the process. For what?

We as believers know our final destination. It is beyond beauty, but maybe we should slow down and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us every day.

Yes, our road of life has dangers, but it’s much less dangerous the slower we take it.

We might even glimpse a little more beauty as we make our way toward the end of our highway.

We’ll all get there in due time.

For most of us it will be;

Just in time..