someday never comes

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“I know every-sing”! She would sometimes say when still quite young. “Oh Yeah”! – “What’s a hundred plus a hundred”?!!! Her big sister would respond quickly. Panic and despair would set in as Ali ran away from Kenz to find her mom to ask her the nagging question of a lifetime. In tears, Ali would ask her mom, “Mommy”! … “How come I don’t know every-sing”?

“I’m not sure if anyone can know everything babe”! Not good enough for Ali. “How come”! “Well only God knows everything, but if you try and study real hard in school, someday you can know a great deal.” The conversation would continue.

“You believe that”? My wife would ask me later after we were alone, “No”! – “I have no idea how a mind like that works.” Was my answer, I continued with something like, “The only thing I was worried about at that age was playing and occasionally what was for dinner”…. I guess not much has changed since then…

I’m sure all of us as kids had questions, maybe not all of them like that, but questions usually directed at our parents or adults. As the youngest I’d ask my parents for some hope for my future, “Mom”!… “Am I ever gonna be as big as my brothers”?

“Someday, you’ll be even bigger than them”! Off I went counting on that someday to become a reality. I must have been in high school when I realized that sometimes, someday never comes…

We also had a lot of questions that started with the words “how come”? The standard answer while accurate wasn’t very satisfying as a kid, “Someday you’ll understand”…

I was around the age of 7 or 8 when I heard a song from one of my brother’s albums by Creedence Clearwater Revival, the song was titled, “Someday Never Comes.” It was an “Ah-Ha”! moment for me, not that it solved all the answers that had been covered by the blanket of adult impatience or lack of communication skills. It was the understanding of the lack of wisdom and human nature that would become even more apparent with age.

Here’s the partial second verse and chorus for those who’ve missed the lesson from John Fogerty.

“Daddy always smiled, took me by the hand”

“Sayin’ someday, you’ll understand”


“I’m here to tell you now each and every mother’s son”

“You better learn it fast and you better learn it young”

“Cause someday, never comes”…

The story and lesson in the song goes on to share the loss of the writer’s dad, the birth of his son that he wasn’t there for and his eventual passing as he told his son, “Someday, you’ll understand.”

It was the beginning of the awareness that even adults didn’t know every-“sing.”

The day of complete understanding might not happen while in this body. What we believe in our hearts is what shapes our worldview, what we believe is what we put our faith or trust in.

Whatever our belief or world view, it is taken on faith, none of us were there to witness any of it. We either trust in a hypothesis which is theory or the written account of eyewitnesses. One day we will all know the truth…

While many of our “Somedays” never come, some of them do. I do believe one of those somedays will happen for all of us.

The day of fulfillment of the prophetic words spoken by our parents and then us without even knowing it.

“Someday, you’ll understand”…


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