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“Dad are you going to the store”? she asked with urgency and round eyes. “Yeah, but probably not the type of store you wanna go to,” was my honest answer. “Can we please go by the grocery store”? she continued. “What for”? I asked, looking forward to being amused by an early teenaged girls answer. I wasn’t disappointed.

“There’s this magazine”! – “And this new group is in it”! – “And they’re so amazing”! – “And it just came out”! – “And this girl at school had it”! – “And I wanted to see it”! – “And my other friends don’t really  like them”! – “And they will”! “And _ _ _ _ _ _, on and on it went. She didn’t even stop to breathe. She had her head stuck between shopping and priorities.

You know you’re getting old when your kids tell you about a new group you’ve never heard of… and don’t really care to. “Blah Blah Blah Boy Band,” I did catch that part. “Alright – let’s go,” I announced. “You wanna go”? I asked my wife, smiling. She just looked at me… I already knew the answer.

To add to our little later than normal excursion, my daughter played some music to set the tone for the special occasion… You guessed it, the ever so exciting all boy singing group… I can’t believe we got her that type of phone… What were we thinking? I blame my wife really…

The stores that might have the special magazine were in the opposite direction of the one that was taking me out during dinner time for what I needed for business the next day. “I’ll just die if they don’t have it”! our youngest declared. “That wouldn’t be good,” I added flatly in sarcasm, taking selfishly my own personal gain from the scenario.

As we pulled up to the magical grocery store I instructed my little one, “Use the money I gave you earlier.” I didn’t bring it,” she responded sheepishly. “Of course,” I replied as I reached for my thin wallet, “Here’s seven bucks – I can’t imagine a magazine costing more than that,” I added with confidence.

“What If it does”? she pressed. “It won’t –  don’t worry,” – “Even if it does tell the cashier, ‘I gotta get more money from my dad’, it won’t kill you.” Off she went, shortly followed by an empty handed retreat… and she didn’t die… Hummm. “Please – maybe Barnes and Noble”! she was thinking on her feet. “I’m making one more stop”! – “That’s it”! – “If it’s not there you’re outta luck”! I was running out of time. “Okay,” my daughter quietly agreed. As she got out at the next stop she added another, “I’ll just die if they don’t have it”! “Yeah, I know,” I mumbled.

She returned empty handed running, “Dad”! – “I need more money”! she gasped. “Good grief”! – “How much is that magazine”? I asked in shock. “Ten dollars and eighty-eight cents”! … I shook my head and reached for the thinner wallet again.

I don’t mind the excitement and passion about the things of youth, I know someday her passion will be for more eternal purposes.

She yelled in excitement, read me some of the magazine text by the light of her phone. As we finally walked into the store where I needed to do my own product hunting we heard it, “Attention shoppers – The store will be closing in five minutes.” I looked over at my daughter who had her magazine in hand and tilted my chin down and looked at her through the top of my eyes. She smiled her big brown eyes and shrugged her shoulders.

I just smiled.