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With all the modern advances in our society, it’s been an understandable oversight to miss the amazing advances in shoestrings. Far be it from me to pass up something as important as this, you know I tackle the big issues!

As kids, it wasn’t uncommon to see the majority of us, especially boys with knotted together shoestrings keeping the tennis shoes on our feet. I remember vividly the “snap” of the cotton shoestrings upon a morning lace up.

We were masters of makeshift, quickly tying the knot below the eyelet where the string snapped and fishing the lace back through the eyelet, finishing with a less energetic pull on the now weakened string before the bow knot. If the plastic wrapped tip was gone off the tip of the shoestring the threading of the string back through the eyelet could be a difficult task. A quick lick of the thumb and forefinger, a twirling of the frayed members of the shoestring and the string was ready for eyelet re-entry.

No one thought much of this endless battle with shoestrings, it was just part of life. In a very elementary way, it prepared us for real life. Things break or don’t always go the way we plan them in this life and surprises are a reality in life that no one would argue with.

Don’t get me wrong I think the new shoestrings being thinner and stronger is a good thing, human ingenuity to make something smaller, better, and having solved an ageless problem is great.

The prevalent problem is beginning to be the belief that some things don’t break or that they shouldn’t. I don’t know anyone I’ve ever met that hasn’t been broken. Everyone and everything break in time, some sooner than others.

After we break we set out to mend ourselves just like we did our shoestrings when we were kids. Tie it up whatever it is and just pull a little easier on it the next time. Sometimes we don’t pull on our heart strings anymore at all in fear of snapping one again.

Some of our heart strings aren’t as strong as other people’s, but with time everybody gets their turn to snap theirs. Those repaired shoelaces carried us into some fun games, we never let a snapped shoe string keep us out of any game for too long.

So it should be for the snapped heart strings as well. Maybe we shouldn’t put our heart strings in a position to be pulled tight so often that they will snap prematurely. The great thing about our unseen heart strings is that they can be more than knotted or mended, they can be completely restored to their original strength.

God is in the business of miracles and one of those miracles is healing our hearts. All things physical within us or from without will break while living this life.  The question becomes if we let that incident define our life. Will we move forward like a child leaping back into the game with hope in our hearts, or will we let an accident change our perspective, sit on the sidelines of life and watch everyone else play the game God designed us to play called life?

As we get older I think we learn from experience the warning signs set before us that enable us to avoid some shoe or heart string breaks. There are people with troubles in this world that can affect our lives like a cancer. Those people read like street signs, “Slippery When Wet,” or “Dangerous Curves Ahead.”

As a kid, I’d never have broken my shoestrings on purpose. Why adults ignore God given warnings of potential breaking of our heart strings in personal and professional settings  I’m still trying to figure out. That, of course, includes mostly self-introspection. I think one is called wisdom, the other? Folly…

Thank God He can put together my heart strings infinitely better than I ever did my snapped shoestrings…