self control versus emotion

2011 Horizon Girls D-1 Congrats girls! I’m proud of you guys! You played with honor! There is nothing more important than that…

I’ve done my share of ignorant things in my life, probably more than the average bear would be my guess. At an away basketball game, on a fast break I got fouled by the other team’s point guard, who I stole the ball from, as I was going in for a lay-up.

It wasn’t a ticky-tacky foul, I’m talkin’ about a full blown mid-air body block that sent me flying out of bounds almost into the block wall of the gymnasium. The hometown hillbilly ref swallowed his whistle on the assault and turned an evil eye.

It was clear there would be no justice from the loser ref, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. Self-control versus emotion. Honor was a word I probably couldn’t spell at the time, much less understand the definition of.

With the brain of an alligator, I ran down court never stopping to reason with what small sized brain I had at the time. The kid was standing pretty much flat-footed when I leveled him with a body block, he actually flew through the air and landed on his elbow.

Mr. cheater-cheater-pumpkin-eater ref suddenly found his whistle along with the other hillbilly ref. As I was being escorted from the court into the locker rooms, I saw them walking the other kid I hit out as well. He was holding his elbow, crying…

At the time I felt no remorse, I thought, “Oh, Mr. tough guy can dish it out, but he can’t take it”! I was depressed to not get to play the game I loved. That depression turned to anxiety once I learned after the game that the hometown crowd had turned into an ugly mob and I was considered public enemy number one.

I smiled and waved at the unruly crew once upon the bus as we were driving away. Sticks and stones don’t hurt a bit when protected by the shield of the bus.

The small actions and or decisions made during what seems like insignificant forks in the road are actually much more significant than most of us realize. That decision or action takes us toward what will be our destiny. Our destination will leave what the world and God sees as our legacy. During emotional times we’ll all have to make a decision, that decision will be based on something.

The small actions and decisions made in emotion instead of moral principles may begin by chance or without conscientious calculations. As they become the habit or norm, they begin to define the lives of those who fall prey to the weakness. The weakness we all possess, the thing that we must fight against.

The local girls Lacrosse community was put in an unenviable spot with less than 48 hours before the Division 1 state championship game this week. Mercy, Horizon’s goalie had to have an emergency gall bladder surgery which she is recovering from.

That left Horizon without a goalie, league rules wouldn’t allow for a roster change with less than 48 hours before a game. Enter: One of those life defining moments…

I wonder how the dads and or granddads of the people who voted would have cast their votes? I’m curious if the parents of the ones who didn’t vote would have done the same?

To only allow the less qualified of all choices and select that brave girl to be the opponent doesn’t square with what we all know is honorable. The saddest part for me is the example set for the young impressionable girls…

That simple act will leave an indelible asterisk on this league for the remainder of its existence…

By the way, when we played that team the next time at home I shook the kids hand that I body slammed and apologized.

It didn’t change the past, but it was the right thing to do.