searching for significance

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“You wanna’ play trucks”? I asked. “OK”! she said quickly and continued, “I’ll be Mac”! I immediately protested, “NO”! – “I wanna’ be Mac”! All in all we worked it out pretty well. My sister and I agreed to take turns being Mac.

I’m not sure who made up the fictitious character of Mac, but we both knew that in our world of make believe, Mac was the man… The boss… The guy you just don’t question, because he was Fonzie cool before Fonzie was invented.

It starts young, searching for significance. People want to be important, to matter or make a difference in this life. We are wired to have sense of usefulness, for our lives to have significance, I think. It feels pretty good when someone acknowledges us in some way as special.

In our crazy world we fight to be recognized in it, even if by negative means and for all the wrong reasons. It’s likely insecurity was born in this world the moment mankind fell to temptation in the Garden. Although Adam and Eve sought cover for their bodies, there would be no way to cover the insecurity born that day.

Insecurity breeds some pretty ugly traits, jealousy right up there at the top. The sons of Adam and Eve were victims of that sin, and it’s been passed down through all generations and is alive and well, living in all of us.

The only antidote for all sin is God and understanding His sovereignty in all of His creation. Like the most beautiful of the angels who fell, we like being praised and honored in our flesh.

Whatever the gifts created in us, just like Lucifer we use those gifts to bring ourselves accolades and attention. If some is good, more is better.

Does your significance in this world rely on the people here with us to acknowledge it? Or is it the peace and joy within knowing God Himself is pleased with the fulfillment of our gifts?

It seems that the people throughout history who are enshrined and honored by the others that followed, are in majority, the ones who gave and sacrificed the most. While we live in a fallen world and fight the flesh including our jealousy and insecurity, we instinctively know the truly great ones in our lives.

Many people fight to be acknowledged and understood in our world, to be known, recognized, and receive the praise of the people in our world. While others fight not for themselves, but for the need and recognition of others or just causes that will come to the aid of those in need.

Make no mistake; the needs are just as great for those with much in the ways of this world, and in some ways even more so. Often this group who fight to leave their mark on this earth with the trappings of this world are the most lost.

When we write, read, or think up our own press releases, we’ve missed the mark and understanding of true wisdom in our world. If we can put a few simple words together in a special way, used by God to change the life of one single soul in this world, we don’t need a pat on the back by our peers.

When we live and breathe in Holy humility, the pat on the back of our soul will resonate through us the rest of our lives and into eternity.

Since I believe the most simple words expressed in brevity can be the most profound, I’ll leave you with this…

God loves you…