riding the storm outThe billowing cotton like clouds reflected the brilliant sun rays. The gathering clouds were scattered intermittently over the coastline as if brave soldiers storming the beachhead. Out toward the west over the Aegean blue ocean laced with white and diamond accents, the clouds were massed at sea, ready to swallow the land.

Where sea greeted sky was indistinguishable and the blue, grey, and white danced like a kaleidoscope on the horizon behind the barrage. The cool ocean snapped in gusts warning of the approaching aerial assault and I sat still watching, chilled by the gusts, yet warmed by the sun that would witness the engulfment with light hidden for a time. How long only God could know.

We often search the beauty and majesty of God’s creation in awe of the grandness as if the words of wisdom will be riding on the winds. Slim trunked palm trees defy logic and physics as they yield humbly to the might of the wind. The trees like fallen mankind know not where the winds come from, only that tough times come, our roots or foundations are tested by the elements of this world.

As I watched the incoming storm, I found comfort… even if temporary. Like a salty sea burned sailor with years of seasoning behind me, I know storms come and storms go, but more than that, I know we can try to avoid storms in this life, but  success is fleeting.

I knew watching the imminent storm flying toward me from the Pacific there could be damage, maybe even lives changed, but I doubt the storm could do more damage than what we can cause in the smooth sailing moments of our lives. Of all the storms I’ve lived through in life and the damage done, it pales in comparison to the damage we can do to our own lives.

Our actions have consequences, similar to the approaching storms in our lives. The real life lessons learned are revealed in how we conduct ourselves not just in a state of emergency, but in day to day life when storms are the last thing on our minds. As dreaded as the storms are in this physical and spiritual life, there is beauty in the storm if we have a proper bearing… or perspective.

With each storm in life we gain experience, wisdom, and learn to face things with less dread, even expectation. Much can be gained in the process of riding the storm out, we gain confidence in Who it is that delivers us as well as teach others to live like a sailor at sea.

We batten down the hatches and turn our bow to face toward the fury and set it and our faces like flint while we aim for the heart of the storm. We’ve learned that the storm and our breath both are held in the palm of our Father’s hand. One false move or otherwise doesn’t change our destination… just our date…

On the other side of the next storm is sweet sailing… We just need to be prepared to ride the storm out…