riddle me this

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It’s a secret place… Almost magical, but no one has ever been there but me… The place is similar to others, but not identical. Each one is special, one of a kind. Some of them are beautiful, although none of us have perfect ones, some are stunning, they leave lasting impressions.

While we can’t have or take anybody else’s there are some that shine a bit brighter than others. There are those that aren’t beautiful. In fact, they’re downright ugly. To gaze upon  them brings no joy, just sadness, even though they are unique only to the particular person.

Why is it some have better ones than others? Why are some so grotesque it grieves us to look upon them? Is it fate? Destiny? If we’re all equal, why is it there seem to be winners and losers? Why can’t we all have beautiful ones? God’s word says we can all have beautiful ones… It’s our choice. To have whichever we want, but the path is narrow.

What is the riddle? Let me give one more clue; Jesus Christ gave His so that we might have an eternal one… Ahhh, that was easy with the right clues wasn’t it? It’s not quite as easy to have that beautiful life is it? It’s no secret about how to have a beautiful life, yet none of us choose the beautiful way all the time.

The best way is the hardest way. The beautiful lives are the ones that demonstrate love in action… Love in action equals sacrifice and that’s a hard thing for our fallen flesh to choose all the time. The people who live their lives or spend their time striving for themselves are the ugly lives and yet they are unique only to the person who has received the gift or test of life.

I think a life is both; a gift and a test. To be chosen to walk through God’s creation with our soul cage housing the treasured soul made by God is a gift. We are chosen, made in love and awe by the Master of the universe and we get the greatest of all of His creation; to be made in His image, to have a brain that can reason and choose – to be able to conduct ourselves above the instinct of an animal.

The test is the choice we make while hanging in our soul cage. To acknowledge our Father and use the gift of His image; love, and express it to Him in reverence. We get to make a choice every day – the choice of love in sacrifice as demonstrated by our Father and His Son; our savior, Jesus Christ, to demonstrate that sacrifice and paint a beautiful life.

“Who is first will be last and who is  last will be first.” Throughout history, the lives of the people who knew God and served others are beautiful to describe. They gain the respect of all people.

Our fallen flesh fights for our flesh, to gain, to be noticed, to be relevant in the eyes of the world and yet those are the strokes of the brush that paint an ugly life. The security in God expressed in love, sacrifice, and service are the things that paint a beautiful life.

Riddle me this? Why do we still struggle with life?