rejectionI’ve received some pretty encouraging rejection letters from prospective literary agents. If you have a “The glass is half full” life perspective that is.

The last one? Not quite as good… In fact it was so bad there was no response… Ouch! There I was waiting patiently, playing by the rules, one agent at a time. Nothing… Crickets chirping…

I don’t know if a “Hey buddy, you stink.” Would have been better, I’m not sure I really want to know.

So I’ll stick with the things I do know. It just so happens that the book I’m trying to breath life into is a non-fiction Christian Inspiration. The title is “The Common Threads Of Greatness.” In the text, I consider the character traits that make up truly great people from a Biblical perspective.

Oh Great! Now I get to practice what I preached.

I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, God cannot be mocked. Although I certainly don’t speak or write as an authority on any of the covered topics, I do pay attention in life and these are my observations. Maybe God wants me to possess a little more mastery of the subjects?

Some of the topics covered in the manuscript are ringing in my ears and mind. I’m considering the very motivations I wrote about. In one of my recent blogs titled, “It’s A Fine Line,” I asked readers the same question I’m asking myself.

“Floyd, is your motivation selfless or selfish? What side of the line am I on? Is my desire to be published for selfish reasons? Starting with gratification, slowly drifting over the line in pride and ego?

In truth, I felt God leading me to write to begin with. My undertaking started with a pure heart and an obedient spirit. I’m sure since then I’ve danced back and forth across that line like I did as a kid standing on the California/Arizona border.

I’d jump on one leg onto the other, declaring in my youthful exuberance, “I’m in California, now I’m in Arizona, – California – Arizona”! I’d continue until made to stop… My poor parents.

One of the topics in one of the chapters in my manuscript is perseverance. So I will put up or shut up.

The truth is I truly do believe that never giving up on something, especially something that one has a passion for will ultimately bring gratification regardless of the outcome.

The game of golf is a good example of that I think. I’m not a golfer, but I have a lot of friends who are. They talk about the frustrations, the close calls, the endless hours always with passion. Even though frustrated and never completely satisfied with their game. They love it. They live for it.

Passion is another subject covered in my manuscript. That is the thing that all the writers, golfers, artists, and just about everyone else in the world who keeps on keepin’ on despite any and all setbacks have in common.

In chapter 10 I cover hope. Hope from a Biblical definition is nothing like most of us use the term in our daily lives. Many of us use “hope” in a sentence when we should be using “wish” or “wishing.” The Biblical definition of hope is basically “confidence” or expectation.

I’ll continue to “hope” in what I what I believe is God’s call. I’ll use these things that I do know to continue on through the situations I don’t.

I love to learn new things and I’ve learned a ton since I’ve started this new journey. I have tons more to learn and am looking forward to it.

One thing’s for sure in my life, I’ve heard “NO”! light years more than I’ve ever heard, “YES”!

There’s a good chance at some point and time someone’s going to say, “OK, OK!! “We’ll give you a shot.” Just to shut me up…