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I rarely get political, but I’m trying to clean out old unpublished posts and get more organized. I’m not an expert and if some of the readers disagree with this opinion expressed here that’s OK. We can disagree and respect others opinions. If you’re not up to a political debate today, you might want to take a break from this one today.

We generate a lot of trash around my house. So much so, that sometimes I have to stomp the garbage bags down one at a time to be able to get all the trash in the can. Often the lid to the trash can looks like a lid to a popcorn maker, The lid close to 90 degrees to the earth with trash a couple of feet above the rim of the trash can.

I have to confess I at times am a recycling can cheater. I have put things in the recycling can that I sometimes shouldn’t when overwhelmed with too much garbage. When the situation arises that I’m forced to break the recycling honor system I have to be discreet. Dare I even say sneaky because of the recycle posse living at my house. She looks suspiciously like my youngest but doesn’t act like family when dad becomes the “recycling-cheater-cheater-pumpkin-eater.”

No plastic bags? Really? How are you supposed to carry all the recyclable things to the can? No styrofoam? That seems like the one thing that should be in that can! Green? Yeah, I’m green around the gills with the whole thing.

Overall, I’m good with reusing resources and saving the ones we have. I have to say this whole green movement is beginning to feel like a religion or more precisely a cult. The earth is not my mother, I already have a mom thank you very much.

In school, everyone in history class learns about ancient people who worshipped the elements, the sun, moon, stars etc. There was a time we laughed at the ignorance of the ancients who worshipped the creation instead of the Creator.

It seems we’re headed back to the Dark Ages, going back to something that obviously didn’t work and yet the secular world calls it “enlightenment.” I wonder why we never get to hear the costs associated with “going green.”?

The factories in Europe producing many of the solar panels used here in the U.S. couldn’t pass the EPA standards of our country. We go green here while polluting “mother earth” over there? Isn’t it one earth? Never mind the degrees of separation between us and China.

It’s interesting that we don’t get to hear the statistics of how much carbon dioxide was present in our atmosphere due to volcanic activity in centuries past.

It was only about twenty-five years ago when the “threat” was global cooling. OK, I’ll admit I’m somewhat of a skeptic, but understanding human nature gives me good cause. Who funds the research for global warming? The government or our taxes to be more precise. Grants are given to specific groups that will corroborate the theory of global warming, not for scientific evidence based on facts. Instead, we pay for hypothesis or theory.

You know you got a winner when you can cite warming trends or cooling trends to make your case, talk about circular reasoning!

If truth was the priority wouldn’t the government fund all research? Instead, the government wants to tax based on carbon credits? Wow! Maybe instead of punishing people for being productive, they should provide tax credits or incentives to facilitate change?

Stacking more taxes on an overloaded middle-class free market seems to be exceeding the weight limit set by the manufacturers, our forefathers.

A little God given common sense might be in order. The earth is designed by God to be a pretty resilient place. The farmers in the Old Testament days were instructed through God’s word to “rest” the land for one year every seventh year. The rain, atmosphere, and the soil itself, enriched the soil in that one year of rest.

In Deuteronomy, God called the worshipping of the sun, moon, or stars, detestable. Being good stewards with what He supplies on this earth is our responsibility, not our religion.

Am I the only one who has cheated the recycle-can-code-of-honor? Be honest…