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My friend TC from Wisdom Of A Fool reminded me of one of my favorite Christmas songs so I thought I’d repost this one again, it’s kinda becoming a tradition around here.

          TO: You

This Christmas I find myself in a predicament, like the little drummer boy, I have nothing to give you, the reader. So I’m sitting here with only words. Just like the little drummer boy who had only his drum.

But wait! Didn’t the little drummer boy actually enjoy playing the drums? What sacrifice did he make? He got to do what he loved! He was commended and got a smile from God to boot!

Come to think of it, the little drummer boy got his gift from God. He got the desire, discipline, and perseverance to play the drums from God. In essence, the little drummer boy was guilty of re-gifting.

Well if it’s good enough for the little drummer boy, it’s good enough for me!

The song never said the little drummer boy was the best drum player in the world. It’s just what he loved to do and he obviously enjoyed sharing with others.

I too am willing to give you all that I can give you this year. Like the little drummer boy, I enjoy what God set in my heart. Some people call it a “labor of love.” I guess that sums it up pretty well. Without question, it is a sacrifice of time and energy, but hopefully it’s done some good for a few folks along the way.

Here is your simple handmade present, not much different than some of the others I’ve given you. Still not wrapped in a bow… and a bit rough around the edges.

May these words find you wrapped in something better than a red bow. May you and your family be wrapped in the love, mercy and grace of God.

May He manifest this gift in your life with health, protection, and provision.

May each and every one of us grasp how uniquely important we are in the history of mankind. The fact that we’re alive here and now was planned by God before the foundations of the universe, each life is important and accounted for.

May we use the gifts He’s provided in our lives to do His will, thereby bringing Him honor.

May God’s spirit rest upon each person reading this simple word present. Your gift like my gift doesn’t have to be fancy or perfect, it is the gift from God supplied by Him for the purpose of us re-gifting His gift to others.

May our heart be lifted up regardless of circumstances we might be dealing with in this flesh currently.

May God lift our burdens and allow us to see His will and purpose in our lives.

May we all be bound together with God in His spirit.

May we acknowledge this fact to one another.

May we say with love in our hearts, thank you to God, and to one another ———– “Merry Christmas.”

May the God of all that is, bless you and yours.