proof of angels

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There were three of them and they didn’t seem to care who was watching. In truth, I don’t think they were even aware of the world around them, they were too distracted. They were breaking the law and had some concept of it, but I don’t think really fully grasped it.

They were trespassing… And while they knew they weren’t supposed to, they just couldn’t help themselves. I’m sure of it. I’ve been there, done that. I searched the perimeter fence to see where they might have let themselves in, but couldn’t see any breach in the temporary street-side fence.

It was a dangerous place, but three boys at that age on bicycles couldn’t see that. They only saw the upside; a construction site with sculpted dirt ramps calling them each by name. I remember the calling from those type of things… It’s too strong, too powerful for a boy that age to ignore. Even if it means breaking some rules.

“Look at those kids,” I commented to my wife as we drove by the site of future new homes. “Isn’t that dangerous?” she knowingly asked. “Oh yeah,” I acknowledged and began to give a few details, “There are open trenches, exposed rebar, (1/2” and up widths of steel sticking vertically out of concrete with no covering on the tips.) It’s a very dangerous place.”

We watched as they took turns navigating the steep banks, “Look at em’,” I said with a slight grin. “Dumb kids,” my wife stated the obvious. “Yep, but they’re having a ball!” I answered. “Do you think they’re gonna get hurt?” my wife asked with genuine concern. “Nah – you kiddin’?” – “I can almost see their guardian angels now!” – “Even if we can’t see em’, I know for sure they’re there.” – “No kid survives childhood without one!” I said in a humorous tone, but my wife knew I was serious.

I don’t know anyone who can’t share a story of a time, or many times when the physical principles of this world were breached or altered beyond scientific explanation. Some folks call it “unexplained phenomenon,” I like to call them miracles…

Interestingly, some of the highly educated people will throw up their hands or shoulders stumped by what they can’t explain through scientific principles, instead of considering the text of the Bible that has recorded history that has been proven to be right with more unearthed evidence. The same Book that has predicted future events that can’t be challenged mathematically, and yet they don’t have enough freedom in their heart or brain to consider what the most influential thinkers in history have concluded to be truth.

Everyone alive has witnessed a miracle in this life, proof of angels. Some just choose to call them something else. As for my guardian angel?

He deserves a raise…