politics and religion

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I rarely get into divisive issues on this blog. However, if you’ve been reading you know by now I write and speak from my heart. Anything else to me is garbage. (How’s that for eloquent?)

I’m a simple guy. In my simple mind, I like to break things down as far as I can, to the lowest common denominator of reason. Because I break everything down based on Biblical principles, I’m left a little frustrated with the world around me.

One of those frustrations is politics and religion and how the Conservative right in our country comprehend and deal with the liberal side of our society. The Right deals with the left as if they have similar world views. My opinion is that the world views are approximately 180 degrees apart.

This is not a post based on politics, quite the contrary. This is a post of religion and one’s religion will ultimately define one’s politics.

Breaking the massive subject down to its simplest form, this is my perspective; One’s politics are defined by what that person trusts in, or what a person has faith in.

This is an easy call for the conservative. They will admit their faith is in God. The Christian majority will take it a step further and add Jesus Christ and his death and resurrection as their belief and faith.

This is the perfect place for the liberal to use the Conservative’s honesty against them.

Here is my point of frustration. The Conservative nation has sat back and allowed the liberal to disguise their religion as knowledge or enlightenment as if that were anything new under the sun.

The person who doesn’t know God doesn’t serve God. What did Jesus Christ say about two masters? You serve one or the other, you can’t serve both.

The liberal has faith as well as the Conservative. Our religion might be called Christianity which we proudly claim. Their religion is called Humanism. It’s nothing new, it’s been around since the beginning of time.

The modern liberal cleverly points at morality and calls it religious intolerance, and calls for the separation of Church and State. Meanwhile, the Humanist has decimated the barrier between Church and State.

The liberals are using their Bible; The media, to influence and fund their religion. If that weren’t enough they now use the taxes of all of us as their tithe to perpetuate their corruption.

All the while we Christians have sat back and played by the rules of, “Separation Of Church And State.” We’ve stood by and watched the inheritance left to us by our Forefathers, who paid for it with their blood, be twisted and perverted.

We’ve been challenged to a boxing match and the Humanist has showed up with guns and knives.

Let’s start calling the faith of mankind what it is….Humanism. We need to be clear we have different perspectives. We as Christians believe mankind is born into sin and only God can give us the wisdom and strength to live above our fallen nature.

In contrast, the people that don’t know God believe they are evolving, becoming like Gods. They believe perfection can be attained in the flesh. Does this sound familiar? Remember the serpent’s words? “Ye shall be as Gods.” (partial KJV)

I guess that sounded pretty good to Eve. So did what she saw. “A tree to be desired to make one wise.” (partial KJV) This is the heart of man without God, lost in the lust of the flesh, blinded and perishing.

65% of Americans did not want government health care. What did our politicians do? They said with their actions, “We know what’s best for you, so dummy up”!

In California, one of our countries most liberal states, the people voted in majority by almost 70% to recognize only the marriage of a man and a woman as legal. What did the judge in California do? He figured he was smarter than the majority of voters so he’d make the call all by himself. Democracy be damned!

The government that was supposed to be by and for the people has become drunk on power given them by the serpents among us, and we let it happen.

It’s time to send part of our tithe to a man or woman who will represent this country by and for the Power that created it. Only then will “God Bless America.”