politically correct

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I have to admit that I struggle with the whole “politically correct” business. Changing words or eliminating them completely doesn’t change the heart of a person, true change happens on the inside.

The wisdom to grasp those thoughts along with a persons actions should be the basis of changing a culture, not fear of what society might think or what was known as peer pressure to us as youngsters.

Who is the ultimate authority on what’s politically correct? Are the rules that govern political correctness always moral laws? If so, based on who’s rules of morality?

Some of it is refreshing, I think it’s a good thing that we don’t hear kids talk to their peers like we did as kids. Our generation, at least where I grew up was pretty harsh, although not usually to underprivileged or handicap kids. We were all bordering underprivileged.

Siblings? Forget about it! It was no holds barred when it came to verbal combat. It was war and war was all about winning. Being the youngest of four my only means of defense was my mind and tongue, boy did I use what few assets I had to their fullest extent.

Some of our sparring words were originals, others were just popular fun to say rhythmic rhymes thrown about like hand grenades at anyone who crossed our boundaries.

“When God was passing out brains, ______ (insert name of intended target here) thought they said trains and missed the last one”!!! “HA-HA-HA”!

Of course the ever popular comeback to any name being hurled in your direction, “I know you are but what am I”?

Then the eventual answer to that insult, “I already told you but you’re too dumb to know it and too ugly to show it”!!!

Sometimes it got even more personal in hopes of really hurting someone’s feelings. “Fatty, fatty two by four can’t fit through the kitchen door”! Pure viciousness.

The lightning jab of a parry right back at the heart of the opponent. “Your so skinny, my little sister’s even bigger than you”! The attack doesn’t stop, “Your so skinny you have to put rocks in your pockets when a breeze blows”!!!

Let us not forget about the grandma comparisons… “My grandma’s slow, but she’s old”! – “What’s your excuse”?!!!

The insults got worse as we got older… I remember a kid who was a senior told me when I was a freshman, “I use to have a shirt like that… Then my dad got a job”!!! I wanted to hit him… I didn’t.

A couple years later I had a kid sitting behind me in class say to me, “Is that the only pair of jeans you own”? – “What do you do”? – “Stand those things in the corner at night”?!!! At this point in my life, verbally sparring was the politically correct thing to do under those circumstances.

I was fed up with being politically correct then as well…

I waited till the teacher turned her back, jumped out of my chair simultaneously punching the kid as hard as I could in his belly…

I had another pair of 501’s and my mom always made sure I had a clean pair… I just really didn’t feel like explaining it to the punk, I’d had enough of being politically correct…

I’m not painting myself as innocent or condoning those type of actions, but sometimes sitting quietly by while injustice is being overlooked or ignored might be a bigger crime.

That’s sorta what it feels like now, living our lives by man-made rules without the proper heart is going to do little to change a person’s heart, that happens on the inside. Our society has taken some good, ethical, Bible-based tenets and mixed them with some man-made ones to get us where we are now.

Everyone and every religion are acceptable, even the ones that have declared war on our freedom, society, and way of life, except one: The origin of all moral laws– Christianity.

Sometimes we might have to break the inferred societal laws in order to keep the law written inside our hearts…