playing the lottery

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I don’t know about you, but many times in life I’ve felt I lived the old adage, “A day late and a dollar short.” Things don’t always seem to work out as I had hoped or often planned for. To be honest, some of the things I truly desired would have been disastrous in my life if attained.

These thoughts washed back over me a few days ago when my oldest brother called and reminded me of a few years back that he’d purchased some lottery tickets for us. He gave me a brotherly reminder and basically told me that with the jackpot up around 180 million, it was time for a payback.

Oh well, fair is fair. I pulled into the nearest convenience store and gave the government more money, they certainly do need it. I’d never purchased any lottery tickets before so I was a little clumsy as I traded my green paper with printing for their white paper with printing on it.

I mentioned to the girl behind the counter during the transaction what a waste of money I thought it was, she countered with, “You probably won’t be saying that if you win!” I immediately considered her comment and politely added, “I bet all that money would come with its own set of problems!” She responded laughing without hesitation, “Yeah, I’m sure it would, but I wouldn’t mind giving it a try!!!” I chuckled, “I hear ya!”–“Have a good day!” and out the door I went.

I must be getting more mature because in that brief moment of thought during that conversation with the convenience store worker, I really realized that God has given me everything I need. In that moment, I realized all the ugliness that could be possible to go along with that prize.

I’ve heard some real sad and pathetic stories about winning when playing the lottery and the percentage that end up broke and worse off than where they started.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with having money, I just think until it’s earned and understood the chances of hanging onto it are pretty slim. From what I’ve seen in my life the old adage, “A fool and his money are soon parted,” is certainly true. I’ve worn that hat more times in my life than I like to admit.

The point is that sometimes winning isn’t winning and sometimes losing isn’t losing. The Bible speaks of being richly blessed which has significantly more meaning than just money.

I failed and lost many times at many different things in my life, in the end those losses and failures created the map in my life of perseverance and desire I follow with God’s guidance to live a blessed and fulfilled life.

Proof of that is the fact you’re reading this, not because I’m a great writer, but due to the fact that God directs us in ways that bring Him honor and us success. That success isn’t always measured in dollars.

I’ve known people, including ones from my own family that missed out on being rich and famous by what some people call a simple twist of fate. I see it a little different than most others would, I believe God spared them from things that would have directed them away from Him and ultimately ruin their lives, physically and spiritually.

I don’t need a winning lottery ticket to have all I need.

It’s a peaceful place with God to be able to say, “I have all I need.”

Sometimes in life… Less is More…