our reflectionI try to see the things in life that are less obvious than the main things people focus on. A good example that most of us have gotten to witness in life is a picturesque mountain next to a calm lake. The reflection on the water is like a mirror of the mountain itself. The water reflects the beauty of the things around it.

I think too often in our warp-speed world, we get a glimpse of everything, but miss the details surrounding a subject, especially with people. All of us leave obvious clues throughout our lives that reflect the real story of what’s happening in our lives and what might be currently happening.

When a bolt of lightning strikes a tree or any object on a mountain, it leaves scars or signs of the past. The river running through the heart of a mountain brings life, but it also brings wear. It doesn’t take much more than being able to see the big “E” on an eye chart to be able to gaze upon the physical aspects of a mountain.

It takes a little more understanding and wisdom to spot the invisible scars that all of us carry to one degree or another that reveal wear from our past, our reflection. If we look for the signs or details in the lives of others we can tell more about them than meets the eye.

I’m not suggesting or endorsing  judging someone by their looks or even sometimes actions, I’m referring to actually caring enough about them to consider their journey in life. At some point in our lives we’ve all made mistakes, been overbearing for the wrong reasons, even if it is only with family. We’ve been prideful, selfish, jealous, quick to anger, and even boastful.

Those traits reveal the weaknesses we all possess, some are scars, some are just normal wear of life. As Christians it’s easy to point fingers at people and actions that we may have mastered or have hidden well, but that’s not what we’re called for.

I have to remind myself on a regular basis of that fact. God puts it on my heart so I talk to myself, “It’s not all about you”! When I stop and acknowledge that fact, it’s a very freeing experience directed by God.

We tend to be like that lake… We can be rough, choppy, with a green hue of envy, or we can allow God’s spirit to calm us and reflect the beauty of Him. Interestingly enough, when we reflect God and others, we always look and feel our best.

I can almost hear Him commanding my waters…

“Be Still”…