Is it me? Or has the world gone to the dogs? Now I love animals as much as the average Joe I’d say, but what’s going on in the world makes me crease my brow and scratch my head.

I apologize in advance because I know that this post is going to step on some toes and most definitely some paws. I’m gonna to try to have fun with what I see is becoming a real issue.

I just got back to Arizona, maybe one of the reasons I’m summertime grouchy, almost an hour late. There I was; first in line, A1 on my mobil boarding pass, but the “special needs passengers” get to board first. That alone makes my blood boil, due to the fact that the majority of those folks lie like a dog… You like that tie in? I digress.

One of the scads of so called “special needs passengers” was a young girl, probably about the same age as my youngest, who didn’t have a dog… she had two… And that somehow qualified her as a “special needs passenger”.

After the gaggle of folks that limped up, rang the boarding bell, then skipped down the jetway, the lady boarding the plane full of liars asked for the girl’s boarding pass. Enter; the beginning of our delays…

To make a long and painful story short, it went from not having the proper documentation for one of the dogs, to the lady phoning her boss, to the girl trying to stuff both dogs into one tiny bag, one yelped like he was dying, to her rifling through her suitcase sized purse to find her emotional letter from her doctor, which was expired, the lady trying to board the plane demanded her boss come and deal with the girl… He finally gave in and let the girl board to avoid any longer delays.

Meanwhile back at the fake front of the line – I’m staring at the situation with eyes like daggers. Needless to say, I spent a miserable flight with kids screaming and a barking dog…

The other one is in the black bag over her right shoulder…

It’s a regular occurrence these days to be following a guy or gal down the aisle at Home Depot with their dog on a leash, even though it’s posted that pets aren’t allowed, service pets only… Without fail the person in front of me comes to stop when they meet the dog wielding window shopper coming from the other direction.

I stand and wait for them to chat while they let their dogs sniff each other’s nether regions. I try to manage my way around them, because I have real business to take care of, only to have that same snout that’s been sniffing the other dog poke me with it… 🤨

I realize that people have issues, anxiety and so forth, SO DO I!!!

How does that give people the right to infringe on other people’s rights? You see, I think that only makes those people’s problems worse. The more folks get self absorbed and lose sight of treating others by the Golden Rule they spiral into an even worse place; themselves.

I don’t usually like the NLT, but I do for this subject; “For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred.”

My old dog Larry was way better than all those dogs anyway… I miss him my boy.