Continuation of the shelved manuscript based on 2 Tim. 3:1-2

Back in the day, men and boys carried combs. The cheap black plastic type that concealed nicely into the back pocket of the blue jeans they were sporting.

I watched my dad and uncles, after a hard day of work or what they referred to as “roughhousing”, reach back and fish that comb from their back pocket and quickly comb back their hair. Four quick strokes, two on each side, then slip the comb back into their pocket like a gunslinger holstering his pistol.

They had no need of a mirror. The only time they spent any significant time in front of a mirror was when they were making sure they got every last whisker, usually took a few chunks of skin too.

While it may have been disrespectful to leave some miscellaneous face or neck hair hanging around, the small scraps of toilet paper, with the blood spots for glue, sprinkling their face was ‘A’- okay by societies standards.

That generation, for the most part, didn’t spend a great deal of time in front of the looking glass. They struggled to grasp the men that did.

It wasn’t a particularly important day, just another one that included a fishin’ excursion. A good day. My uncle Bernie and oldest brother were planning to lower the bass and or catfish population under the water of Lake Havasu.

The kid working at the convenience store where they stopped for essentials, snacks, night crawlers or waterdogs, ice and beer, was what they used to call a “pretty boy”.

“D’-you see that guy?” my brother asked as they walked out to the truck.

My uncle Bernie just nodded, “Yep, looks like he’s gotta a little sugar in ’em,” he said as a matter of fact.

“Sugar and spice and everything nice,” was meant for girls. Or at least not for darn sure us.

It wasn’t too many seasons after that when society’s subtle style began to evolve. Like a snowball rolling down a steep hill with plenty of snow and no obstacles… headed for you know where.

plastic combs

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You started seeing guys with combs, colored ones, with obnoxious long plastic handles sticking up out of their back pockets on pants that had changed too.

Blue jeans were still in, but so were colored pants for guys. And if that wasn’t enough to trouble the generation before us, they made the “hip hugger” style of pants for guys too.

Tight, bright colored hip hugger pants with vibrant colored long-handled combs peeking out the back pocket… mine were sky blue…