After an all out manhunt – make that a woman, girl, or female hunt, I waved the metaphorical white flag. Then I put out a mental A.P.B., (All Points Bulletin), desperately trying to find her, but she was gone… again. It doesn’t matter how well I treat her or if I follow her every whim… my muse is fickle.

It’s been another long drought. I can’t remember the last time I worked on my latest manuscript. Usually if I can’t get to writing it’s due to the lack of time. This time was different. This time was lack of desire.

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I’ve said it often; perseverance is queen, but desire is king. Each one is a key ingredient to achieve a favorable recipe for desired results. But sometimes it doesn’t matter how good the recipe is. Without the blasted ingredients there will be zero in the way of results.

Old Mother Hubbard might be the best cook in the county, but we’ll never know since she’s got an empty kitchen.

It’s possible that the greatest writing, outside of the Good Book, hasn’t made it in front of the eyes of the masses. I’m pretty sure it’s the same with music – and the ears of those same noggins.

Creating is one thing, folks appreciating it is a whole other story, but it starts with the innate need to create. And I think there are a whole lot more people out there wired like that than most of us realize.

If that’s true, then I know a lot of other hearts can relate to mine… and yours.

In the season of the creative drought, my muse is gone like the dinosaurs… but the music recorded in my mind is alive and well and bridging the gap.

The ancient song from childhood by Donovan titled “Season of the Witch” plays – even though I know the witch didn’t really kidnap my make believe muse. Then a line from the old Aerosmith tune, “Walk This Way”, takes the stage in my struggling mind and gets stuck like an old scratched album. It sticks conveniently where Steven Tyler sings, “My get up and go must’a got up and went, duh-duh-duh-dunt-duh-duh-duh-dunt-dunt-dunt.” I guess it’s a lucky break to have Joe Perry’s guitar lick not cut off…

We bide our time and struggle anyway we can to make it back into the light of creativity.

Creativity is a small part of being made in God’s image. The desire to create was knitted into us while we were still in our mother’s womb.

We find gratification in many ways in this flesh. One of them is creating, and it doesn’t matter if our creation finds its way into the senses of the masses or not. I think it was designed for His glory first then our gratification.

Being able to live in the season of producing is a gift all unto itself. I gotta learn to take advantage of it when I can, ’cause my muse is fickle.