It’s been one of those hurricane type of weeks. Busy beyond belief, what you’d call a “Milestone” week. When one of those type of weeks roll around, with all the balls I like to juggle, something’s gonna fall. And more often than not, it’s a fine thing.

You see, we’ve been praying, and not for just a little while. Not so much for this day or week, but for all the days of Ali’s life.

Family and friends were present to see our middle daughter get married. There was laughter and there were tears… and the family got bigger. And to a very welcome and fine young man that grasps the meaning of “Fear of the Lord”.

Mr. and Mrs. Quaid and Ali McKinnon

It’s a blessing from God to live long enough to see our children walk the paths and aisle directed by Him.

I’ve gone from being a little tyke in people’s weddings as a kid to participating in my own. Now I’ve seen three daughters grow up. I’ve witnessed two of them getting married and one of them having a couple kids of her own.

These aging eyes have seen much… and I’ve never failed to see the hand of God’s protection, provision, and grace in my life and the lives of my loved ones.

So I’ll continue to pray like I have from the beginning. As my family grows so do my prayers.

A week when all the balls I’ve been juggling drop to the ground around me, I’m reminded of what’s truly important. And I’m also reminded of the wisdom it takes to be still and know that He is God… and He’s the giver of blessings in milestones.