love at first sightIt was love at first sight. A truer love the world had never known… but there was a problem. The love was too strong. It was so intense that it became unquenchable… Perhaps there is such a thing as “too much love?” How could something so good be bad?

There is a way the gift of love can be so strong that it destroys lives and relationships. This particular love is so powerful and addictive that it can destroy nations… in fact it has. In truth, we all start on the same path and the same journey of love and it is love at first sight for all of us.

We begin life loving as a child. We learn to love our parents or guardians because they love us and care for us. We learn to love the activities of life, having fun, laughing, playing, satisfying our senses. Some of us even love our siblings though we struggle with sharing, but the first thing we love isn’t all around us, it isn’t the world, it is us. We love ourselves… and it’s a life long love affair.

We laugh, with good reason, at our children or children in general when they discover the reflection in the mirror is themselves. They discover the image to associate their inborn desires with. Some of us immediately begin to teach the tools of wisdom to try to break the natural bond that humans have with themselves.

We have to learn to be contrary to our nature and if it seems like a daunting task with children, consider your own life and disciplines that keep us from absolute selfishness. Our instinct to survive is only the beginning of the love affair that all of us have with ourselves.

Like the snot-nosed-versions of ourselves, we learn to obey the rules. We’ve gotten pretty good at following the rules, acting like society expects us to. We get to the point that even the best of the Hollywood crowd would be proud of our acting ability. But like that same crowd, the outside actions can only take us as far as the real person is inside of us. Sooner or later the real fruit is revealed and the love of self has rotted the fruit. It’s cute in children… It’s disgusting in adults.

The foundational problem in the world is this subject of the love of ourselves, thinking more of ourselves than we should. It is our fallen nature and it is our weak link. It doesn’t matter which issue or characteristic someone has. It all starts with the fallen trait of self-love, not the best type of love.

The best type of love is that trait that cares for others even when it costs us something. It is that discipline that puts others lives and souls ahead of our own. A funny thing about the greatest lovers of themselves; they are consistently the most unhappy people we find in our lives. And to double-check the equation backwards, check the people who are the happiest… Sure enough… God has opened their hearts and minds to be the great among us and also the happiest.

True love starts in the heart… not in the mirror…