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I thought I might be stuck there forever… I’m not sure how I even got there to begin with, but once there, it seemed there was no way out. It felt like being the main character in the song Hotel California by the Eagles.

I felt at home there, I fit right in… Although I just stopped for a look around like a tourist, I ended up staying for a long time.

The interesting thing about that place is one can never overstay their welcome. A person can stay as long as they like, after all it doesn’t seem to cost anything. Another fascinating fact about that place is that no matter how many people show up, there is always room for one more and the more the merrier. At least that’s what the people who run the place lead us to believe.

Life slips behind you in a hurry while living in that place. Most of the people there get so involved and comfortable they never think to leave or if they do can’t find the strength to. My guess is that many of us have been there, at least slowed down to look around as we cruised through. Some like me may have actually stopped, got out for a look around. Next thing we knew we were full-time residents.

That place, while mostly invisible, is very real. I know, I was there for years. Oh sure, I like everyone else was living in the same location physically then as I am now, but there is a place in this world where our hearts and minds go, usually out of curiosity or lack of self-discipline, and end up staying for years… Some for a lifetime…

That place is lost in our flesh, through body, spirit, and a constant mindless numbing. That place seems to bury any thought of purity or self-control. That place scoffs at God and the afterlife as if it were a fairytale. That place spins real fairy tales as fact and natural facts as fantasy.

In the city of the lost they teach everyone that they are like gods, becoming more and more enlightened. Over time in Lostland they begin to trust only in the senses of their flesh. Soon even with eyes that can see and read, they can’t comprehend the words that prove they are exactly like the lost people from the beginning of time.

With all the evidence of history, they prove to be even more lost than the founders and charter members of their chosen home in Lostland.

For those of us who have dug our way out from Lostland know that the spiritual place we were stuck in can only be broken by the all omnipotent spirit of God. His guiding light is the way out from Lostland.

As former residents of that unholy place, we realize that the fight to get out has left scars. Like the place itself, the scars can’t be seen with the naked eye, but we still feel them. There is burned residue left by the poison of that unholy place.

For the ones of us that aren’t residents of Lostland, it is our job to warn the others on the highway that passes through that place, and for the others trapped there, we need to shine His guiding light upon them so that they may find their way out. It is not a place anyone should call home.

The price to get in may seem reasonable…

Right up until they realization that the cost of admission is their soul…