life is a breath

All three of them in the front seat of my old 64' Vette, note the red leather interior

I feel like I’m in the movie “Click” with Adam Sandler. Someone is using a magical remote to make the days, weeks, months and years disappear at light speed. If I could slow it down I would…

It’s not the world spinning faster, 24 hours is still 24 hours. If it were the world spinning faster, I could beg the Eternal Engineer to slow it down. It’s not the world, it’s me. I’ve been designed to age and as I do my brain changes with everything else.

As I realize how fast my world is changing around me, I’m reminded just how fast the clock is moving with certain questions. That’s what happened to me this weekend.

“Get to bed early, I’m going to wake you up early tomorrow,” I said. “But why”? — “It’s my summer and want to sleep in”! My youngest argued. “It’s not gonna kill you to get up early once in a while over the summer,” was my response.

“What are we gonna do”? she asked with agony in her voice. “Work, lunch, the gym.” Was my grim response. “I really don’t want to go Dad”!!! She begged. “I know you don’t, but you’re going”! Was my final answer.

Off to bed, she went in despair. Saturday morning on the drive to work was pretty silent. Somewhere in the process of our day it turned from torture to something almost enjoyable for my daughter.

At one point during the day, my daughter asked me some questions that made me realize my clock is on fast forward. “What kind of car are you going to get me”? My baby asked. At first I didn’t think much of it as I answered, “You know, the usual like your sisters got, a big ole clunker”!

Subconsciously thinking to myself that it was light years and space between now and that magical day of the rite of children’s passage then. My youngest kept going on and on, talking as much to herself as me. “You know I don’t really care what I get.” She continued, “That’s good, that always helps” I added.

“You know, if Kenz still has her car by then I’d love to have her car”! – “When she’s done I mean”! My little one was rolling. “I like Mustangs, they look really cool”! – “I love that red interior- It’s cool”!!! My daughter rattled me with that line about the interior.

I remembered a picture my wife or me took when she was around a year old. Kenz was around 10 and Ali was 7 or 8. That picture was taken of them in the front seat of my old 64′ Vette. It had red leather interior…

I never told anyone, but I’m pretty sure that part of the reason Kenz was drawn to that Mustang was the red leather interior of that old muscle car from her childhood. I’m also pretty sure the little one’s drawn to it because her sister passed on some of that taste.

The thought came to me in a panic, “My gosh”! – “If this much time has passed since that picture was taken, how fast is our youngest going to be driving and then gone”?!!!

The little one will have a driving permit in 2 1/2 years… Our oldest is graduating college in just over a month. The middle one in a year…

My how the time sneaks around behind us, and I’ve been trying to keep an eye on it!

“You know Dad”? – “I’m actually glad I got to hang out with you today,” she declared and continued, “I had fun”! … “I’m glad you did…I knew you would.” I added, and continued as well, “I had fun too Babe.”

They all grew up and I was blessed to watch it. How many times have they all stood back to back with their mom checking to see when they outgrew her? The two oldest are taller now, Ali is the tallest, sure never thought that would happen.

The youngest is dead even with her mom now, she’ll probably get her mom by a 1/2″ or so when it’s over.

When it is, I’ll say, “I looked up one day and they were all grown”…

“Then they were gone”…

“Can’t believe it went by so fast”…
“It was like the blink of my eye”…life is a breath