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“AHHHH”!!! — “I NEED YOUR HELP”!!! — “There’s a lizard in my room and he just ran across the top of my foot”!!! — “That was sooooo gross”!!! As I walked calmly toward the little house/room that our oldest daughter lives in out in front of our house, I asked her a question, although I already knew the answer.

“Did you leave the door open”? I asked. “Yeah”… was her reluctant admission. She likes to let her cat out for a morning stroll, although the cat usually bolts back to the little house when scared by a soft breeze or an ant.

“Where is it”? I asked, “In the bathroom, it ran across the top of my foot while I was brushing my teeth”! I grabbed a towel and blanketed the lizard who was about 10 inches long with his tail. I felt around the top of the towel until I located him underneath.

I picked up the uninvited guest by the middle of his body and pulled the towel down to expose his head and upper part of his body. He tried to turn out of my grip as I studied him. He was bleeding around his neck and upper left arm area… Meeka the outdoor scaredy cat got hold of him on her own turf…

I took him outside and set him down in a flower bed that is thick with bushes. “Hope he makes it,” I said. “He’s our pest control around here,” I continued as I nudged him off.

I felt bad for Mr. Lizard. He was just curious, but he should have known better. Then again I could say the same thing for me and most everyone I know. How many times have we gone somewhere or a wrong direction and got wounded physically or emotionally and got picked up by the hand of God and set in a safer place for us to mend?

If I don’t miss my guess, almost anyone reading this put to an honest vote, could raise their right hand with a confident voice and speak a resounding “I”! Like Mr. Lizard sometimes we’re looking for something better.

Mr. Lizard has a new nickname; his lizard pals will refer to him forever more as “Lefty.” It might have an effect on him the rest of his lizard life. To be sure if he survives he’ll carry “leftys scar” with him the remainder of his days.

Those are the scars that can be seen. Some scars are much deeper on the inside that can’t be seen, those scars don’t heal like the physical scars. We all carry some scars inside and out. The ones that we carry in and out from the wrong choices are the ones that carry the most regret.

If those scars in or outcome to define our lives, we’ve made another choice. One thing is certain, those scars either lead to more folly or wisdom.

Like Lefty, some of us are a little slower in that learning process. As I write I can see old scars across both hands, a glance down to my knee reveals a 3-inch zipper line scar. When I glance in a mirror I gaze upon a 3/4 inch dented and jagged zipper scar right between my eyes.

I think of all the scar lines that pepper my body and am reminded by all of them of the bad choices made along the way. If we could measure emotional scar lines inside of us, my guess is that they’d be longer than we are tall.

Will our scars point to the ignorance of mankind or reflect the mercy and grace of our Father?

All the bad decisions or choices made have been unique to only ourselves and can be the reminders that there is forgiveness. There is wisdom… There is love…

It could be that many of us have been picked up and set in that place to mend just like Lefty.

As God mends our lives will our scars point to folly or remind us of the path to wisdom?

That choice will shade our world view…

Just like Lefty’s view from the flower bed.