land lubberI looked over the scenic view trying to see the people’s faces on the ships and sailboats, but they were a little too far away. The cool breeze drifting up off the ocean was comfortable on my face. Felt good. The breeze on the faces on the boats had to be decidedly cooler, maybe too cold for me.

I don’t have much desire to trade places with those folks anymore. My desires are different than theirs now, I’ve lost some zest… I guess I’d be considered a Land Lubber at this point in my life. I like to gaze and ponder the magnificent ocean, but the desire to battle and conquer it are long gone.

As I looked out at the ocean I could hear the freeway’s constant airy hum as the cars and trucks went by at warp speed. The dangerous scenario has an almost relaxing tone and melody that plays gently along the wind, bringing me a satisfied relaxation. I know I won’t be able to avoid that like I can the sea, I am a Land Lubber after all.

Even though statistically my chances are much better on the water than they are on the land, it’s what I’m comfortable with. My daily habits have brought me comfort even in the daily risk of my life in traffic.

It’s a peculiar thing about us as humans; we long for the things that we’ve become used to in life. While it shouldn’t seem to make sense, it is a reality of life. Even people in prison, given enough time, become institutionalized; they’ve spent so much time on the inside that they don’t or can’t cope with the reality of life in a free society.

We build walls and boundaries in our minds that we don’t want to breach or want breached. We build prisons in plain sight and create a state of slavery in our mind to miss the complete fulfillment that could be possible in our lives. And it all starts on the inside.

Like all things in this life, who we are and how we respond to life starts inside of us. Fear of the unknown and change leave our minds captured like a rat in a cage. That is not the design God originally had planned for this world. Yes, the world is fallen, and yes, there is danger… but that doesn’t own or control the chosen of God. His chosen grasp their weakness in this flesh.

That weakness is wisdom… That wisdom also fills us with God’s understanding and His strength becomes available to us. In our weakness we find His strength. That strength is the very strength that created the world and has turned cowards into lions.

There’s far more danger living this life with the illusion we can control the world and things around us… Including living in our self-made safe compartments and trusting in our titles…

Like Land Lubber…