Christmas is king of the holidays. Thanksgiving, for most of us, falls in line behind Christmas, then for some, Valentines Day and on down the list. Somewhere close to the bottom of the barrel of popular holidays lies Labor Day.

If you look at a year like you would a body, then you’d probably figure that all the holidays work together through the course of a year to make up a satisfactory one. The brain and heart are like Christmas, Thanksgiving, like the senses, fittingly taste. And on down toward the bottom are the feet, the things that carry the load, do the work… kinda like Labor Day.

labor day

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It’s easy to grasp the merits of Christmas and Thanksgiving, but you gotta ponder the subject a bit to figure out that without Labor Day, Christmas and or Thanksgiving get pretty lean and can be a time of sorrow if the mammon is short to provide for the other two occasions.

In Genesis, Adam was appointed to “dress and keep” the garden, which means when life was perfect, work was a gift. In a fallen way it still is. It’s not perfect, but it’s gratifying and it’s from the hand of God to help provide protection and provision in this physical world.

For everyone that toils over their tasks, grand or seemingly menial, my hat’s off to you. I respect folks that work to provide for others and the ones that work to share with others their intellectual gifts to encourage. All of its work if it takes effort… and effort is one of the characteristics of being “made in His image”.

When we work to provide for others and ourselves I believe God is honored… whether we sweat or not. Work is a gift meant to provide for our physical and, in a round-a-bout way, our spiritual needs as well.

Sacrifice of our time, energy, and the wear and tear on the body is the fruit of love for others.

Some of the other holidays get a lot of attention and the credit for love, and deservedly so, but when you’re counting love, you can’t discount the action of sacrifice in labor. It’s like they say; actions speak louder than words…

Happy Labor Day to all. And don’t forget to thank the One, and ones, that show or have shown their love in laboring for you.