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They always seem to fight, well,  maybe bicker, argue, or provoke one another would be a more accurate description, but it drives me nuts, whatever you want to call it. I’ve got to the point where I don’t even want to give them anything… They seem to get along better when I give them less. When I do give them things the joy and appreciation lasts for a very short time… Then the bickering begins.

I watch them as they dive into the gifts I’ve given them but in short order they are more interested in what the other one has. “Hey! Can’t you just appreciate the one I gave you?” I ask a little agitated, “They’re identical! Knock it off or I’m not giving you anything else!” I warn them.

They get startled, but only momentarily, then they’re back at it. I freely admit that sometimes I ignore them to try to save my sanity. I swear that’s the reason God made them so cute. Otherwise, we might not be able to tolerate them and their attitudes.

In this fallen world, it seems pretty obvious that all things created have these same tendencies. I can’t say I’ve been immune to those same attitudes, feeling, and actions myself. I’m old enough to realize that I have enough, God will provide, He will supply. I don’t know if those two knuckleheads will ever figure it out. In fact, my guess is that they never will. They just don’t seem to have the heart, but God loves them anyway… He’s made us and knows the number of our days…

They aren’t really spoiled. I really don’t give them all that much… but how I enjoy giving them the desires of their little hearts.. They just can’t help themselves, it’s their nature. It’s all of our nature.

I know the Father enjoys giving me the desires of my heart too, and yet there have been too many times I’ve acted just like those two knuckleheads, but He continues to provide despite my shortcomings. I guess that makes me a knucklehead too. I’m just not nearly as adorable as those two.

“Here you go,” I said enthusiastically as I gave them some bread; food, the essence of life. They were so excited and it was pleasing to my soul to watch them. “Hey! – You’re not supposed to do that!” My wife advised. “I don’t see any signs?” was my clever answer. She pressed me, “It kinda goes without saying…”

The two sparrows scampered right up to within a couple of feet of us where we were eating at an outside breakfast place to gather the little treat I’d thrown them. They flew a few feet away to peck at the oversized crumbs but quickly lost interest in the ones I’d given them and set their beady little eyes and beaks on each other’s.

I tried to explain the “Grass is always greener” analogy, but just like most of us humans, they ignored the sound advice…

They too will have to learn the hard way…