“New Easy Open Bag” was printed in big blue letters on the white heavy duty plastic bag. Now I’ve spent enough time on this globe to know that just because someone claims something doesn’t mean it’s going to be true. Call me a cynic if you want, but I see myself as a realist… one that tends to lose patience when it’s hot outside… and it’s hot outside.

It’s not a secret to anybody on this continent, and most others, that’s it’s hot around here this time of year, especially in Arizona.

Along with the mostly cloudless skies, this part of the country has hard water. So, like a lot of us, I have to haul the ridiculously heavy bags of potassium, or salt, to dump into the software unit to keep our skin from looking like our neighbor the rattlesnake’s.

I like to get the torture and heavy work over asap, so I haul two bags of potassium at a time. Getting the bulky bags that weigh around fifty pounds in and out of anything, especially a lifted truck, is no small feat. I heave the dead weight up into the back of my truck without using too many jerking motions, like the kind that tore the rotator cuff in my good shoulder.

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I use the back of my light long sleeve to absorb the sweat that’s falling out of me like thousands of little faucets. Plus, there is no such thing as parking close to the front of the store in the summer, everyone is trying to get as close as they can.

The air conditioning in the truck didn’t begin to cool the inside, that had been baking in the parking lot that you could fry and egg on, before I got back to the house. I wrestle the bags to the ground one at a time. I lean the first one against my leg while I fight the second, grab both by the plastic handles and shuffle over to the softener. I can almost feel the discs, what I have left, being squished out between the vertebrae in my spine.

I shrug both bags up as high as I can right before I drop them in hopes of flattening the bottom enough so they won’t fall over… it never seems to work.

It was then that I read those words, “New Easy Open Bag”. I was hoping it was true… I reached down and grabbed the corner by the perforated plastic and gave it a yank… the only thing that gave was my wrist. Pain, mixed with sweat, especially when it’s in my eyes, causes instant fury.

I tugged more, but eventually had to get violent with the bags to get them open then in the softener.

I’m not sure if everyone has a breaking point, but I still do I guess… All the wisdom and understanding of this fallen world can’t keep me from losing it sometimes, even at this age.

I called them bad names in my mind – wanting to inflict the same pain on the makers of those stupid bags.

Some of us still lose our patience when it’s hot outside… and it’s hot outside.