k11554661They were dream killers, imagination stealers, but they didn’t have ill intent, they were trying to help. Their job was to try to get youngsters ready for the unforgiving world and in most of their eyes and mind’s dreaming was for kids. To their way of thinking, there was little use for dreaming as an adult.

Far too many of the teachers and adults in those days of my childhood sounded eerily similar to the tagline for the popular kids cereal, Trix; “Silly rabbit – Dreams are for kids!”

I’m honored to be guest posting over and my friend Bernard’s site, Bernard has a special gift to encourage and lead. He has authored two books and blogs about vision, how powerful a tool it is, and how to hone in on that special gift that all of us have to find our place in this world for our Father and His purpose.

I guarantee if you need a boost you’ll find it in the powerful words of a wise man in my friend and brother, Bernard. See you over at his place.