a very good year

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What’s in a year? The 365 days in a row before calling it another year seems to have some sort of cycle. I recall the milestone years, turning 16, 21, 30, and 40. Those specific numbers didn’t necessarily relate to what the world would consider “good years.”

The things I used to calculate whether the year was good or bad has changed along the way.

Frank Sinatra did a song titled “It Was A Very Good Year.” In the song, he recalls his early years. At age 17 he recalled small town girls. At age 21 he reminisced a city girl who lived up the stairs who’s, “hair came undone.” At 35, his recollection was of a blue-blooded girl with independent means. The last verse Sinatra compares his life to a good wine that poured out well.

A person in the Autumn of their life looking back on the good things in it and that’s what they come up with? Would you consider those good years?

Each day we’re alive is a gift from God. The days that turn into years are gifts strung together. Sometimes we get so many of them we begin to take them for granted. The years come to be expected as if each one were a right.

Has this been a good year? The answer to the question depends on our perspective. Economically speaking this hasn’t been the best of years. However, on the other side of the coin we find we’ve survived. Many have not only survived they’ve found a new perspective on life and how it is to be lived. They have new priorities, less dollar motivated.

The loss of my dad, this year makes this an unprecedented year for my family and me. We found out in January of this year that he had brain cancer. In some ways, I feel a massive burden has been on my shoulders all year. In other ways, I find the peace of God within and sense He’s been carrying me all year.

Maybe watching the dignity, grace, and strength of God in a man’s last days proves again His love for His chosen. I’m not ready to call it “a good year,” but if something is gained it can’t be all bad.

The things I’ll look back upon in my life to consider the “good years” will be different than that of Frank Sinatra. The things to be cherished can’t be measured in the flesh. The prizes collected along the way will be gifts from God. Love, honor, wisdom, peace, joy, grace, and humility to name a few.

God has blessed me with a lot to be thankful for. I’d say the year I met my wife was “a very good year.” The years my daughters were born were “very good years” as well.

In retrospect, the years I seek God more I find peace. Peace in this world in any year should be a very good year.

I got my first Bible in 1970, I guess that was a very good year. Knowing my immediate family have been chosen by God makes the year and everyone that follows a very good year.

Having the warm sun on my face this deep into December as I write makes this a very good day. I’ve had a lot of good days this year. I’m not sure how many, maybe 345 in a row?

The fact that I know God and what He’s ultimately planned for me in the afterlife accounts for a good day every day.

I don’t get to laugh every day, but I do enjoy the days I do get to laugh.

There might be a day in the future when I talk or write about this year.

I might say, “2010”?  “It was a very good year”…