It’s an odd thing how folks look for inspiration. I’m not pointing an accusing finger, I’m guilty of it too. But I’m convinced that most of us are a lot like that song by Johnny Lee; “Lookin’ For Love in all the Wrong Places,” from the Urban Cowboy soundtrack way back when.

We look for magical inspiration in all the special places on earth. We search the majestic mountains, lakesides, streams, forests, and intimate manmade settings. And to be sure it does work sometimes, but not for the long haul, at least not to those who are claiming to be writing for the Higher cause.

I hit the hip new coffee shop with the industrial decor on Pacific Coast Highway in search of some inspiration. My patience and would be inspiration faded fast in the line that stretched from the back of the store out to the street. I wasn’t the only one with the idea to find inspiration there. In fact, I was at least a hour and a shot of caffeine short.

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My eyes squint at the high white clouds that hover over the Pacific Ocean as I thump out this post. It’s a thing of beauty. I gaze past swaying and sky scraping palm trees. A queen palm dances gently in the ocean air. They’re my favorite tree. The make me relax and breathe easier when I take the time to notice.

A few minutes ago I watched a hummingbird climb toward the heavens then dive-bomb after something a little lower on the food chain. The ocean breeze washes over me like an invisible stream of water and I shiver when the sun gets caught behind the vast cotton ball clouds.

I appreciate a nice setting, like a coffee shop or a corner restaurant. I’m awed by nature. But as I ponder and search for inspiration to fulfill this in born need to create, I realize yet again that while these things are nice, grand even, they can’t, alone, bring the inspiration that I seek.

“The earth declares His majesty”…

It is only in God that we can find the kind of inspiration that satisfies the soul and then the ends of our senses. When we honor Him with the words that He gives, we find the peace that He created for us in fulfilling the calling set within us by Him.

We can search the ends of the earth for grand inspiration, but if we don’t seek Him in the process… it’s like trying to snatch that ocean breeze with our hands.