inside a treasureMaybe it’s because I was a good kid, but that wouldn’t square with all the other rules I broke when authority had it’s back turned. I have in days past tried to convince myself that it’s because I wasn’t as dumb as I looked, that I did have a lick-uh-sense after all.

To get caught stealing the treasure would be a disaster.

I’m sharing a story from my childhood and how I began to learn about giving over at my good friend and Christian sister, Betty Jo’s today.

Betty Jo is a talented and warm-hearted lady who has a way of making you feel right at home even across the vast blogosphere.

Betty Jo is a retired missionary and blogs at Living Real about life, family, love, food, healthy recipes, and even shares some of the artwork she’s done along the way. You’ll be encouraged by her generous and contagious personality and can encourage her this week while she is in the process of moving and make her site one of your regular ones. A blessing awaits you.

You’ll have to click here to find out if I stole the sacred treasure when authority blinked…