in search of perfectionIt seemed like the perfect Arizona winter morning. The sky was clear from a couple days of rain that had swept the dusty desert sky crystal clear. A few clouds hung half way up in the air taunting any would be artists that might dare try to replicate their imagery.

The McDowell Mountains came into view sporadically over the man-made mecca, contrasting the crisp blue sky with the colors that defy a title; red, brown, or purple might be used to describe the vision, which would be even sillier than comparing the author of the “Dick and Jane” school books with Shakespeare.

The newborn day was growing in lamination as the sun ascended toward its authority, bringing life and a reverence to all who might stop to consider it. The earth indeed declares the Creator’s majesty and glory.

I slowly backed into the parking place, grabbing my essentials out of my cluttered console and climbed out to face the day. The cold felt good – felt clean. I could hear music faintly in the distant, as I pushed the button on my key fob to lock my doors and set my alarm. Despite the beauty of the day, I know the reality of this fallen world that I’d been driving through and stepping into in search of perfection.

I remembered when the shopping center was new… I dig back further into my dusty memories of my mind and recall even before that when it was a dirt field… a citrus orchard before that. The “anchor” store moved on over a decade ago to newer and greener pastures.

Close to half of the businesses are empty now with the clutter of signs clamoring for anyone who might be interested in giving a go at their dreams… Despite the fact that the odds tell them they will fail in the attempt. A reminder of the dreams that turn into nightmares.

As I walked into the aging colonnade I heard the music. I slowed my pace looking up and out toward the sky as I enjoyed the faint sounds of piped in music. I walked the long and now aged sidewalk. I kept my eyes peeled for anyone that might be hiding behind the grand columns with ill intent in their heart.

I noticed the ponding water next to the building in the concrete that hadn’t been sloped properly so many decades back now. As I listened to the songs with anticipation in my mind of the next note from the songs I know by heart, I notice the multiple short cigarette butts flanking the sidewalk in the gravel planter along the sidewalk.

We see beauty, but only for a short time once the reality of this life comes into view. Imperfection abounds – it’s limitless, a dire fact of this life. As I strolled through the cigarette butt flanked colonnade with music buzzing through worn out speakers, my senses measured the world, but it was my mind and soul behind the imperfect eyes and ears that measured myself. We’re part of the imperfection.

The earth declares God’s majesty… and the only perfect thing we possess?

Our perfect need of Him…