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I have a theory or belief, I believe every problem that exists in this world, big or small, insignificant or massive can be summed up with one word. Consider the situations in life when we’ve become frustrated or angry, sometimes justified other times not. What is the root issue or cause of the emotion?

When we were young we rarely got things like Coke or Pepsi, when we did they didn’t last long. We’d share, but in a very animal instinctual, selfish type of manner. The ritual would start with the oldest, my brother Dean who some of the time would be the supplier of our extracurricular treat, due to the fact that he had a paper route.

Dean used the can opener to pry the lid off the 32 oz. glass bottle, he would take the first drink, or guzzle as it were, as much as he could until the carbonation burning his throat forced the bottle back to an upright position.

Still some left, Oh Boy! I couldn’t wait, but Bobby the next oldest had a throat of steel and some worry and anticipation fell over the rest of us as he tipped the bottle back. Fear struck our young hearts as Bobby started to empty the bottle down his throat, our shouts and pleadings most of the time could convince him to stop guzzling.

As he lowered the bottle back Bobby let out a loud, “AAAHHHHH”!!! As his eyes watered with a cat that ate the canary grin on his face. Still a good amount left and my sister who was next in line was up to bat.

Our sister Sheral had the throat of, well, a girl… A couple of sips and down the bottle came, but the sibling rule was only one guzzle. Sheral would always complain, “That’s not fair my throat hurts”! No sympathy for the girl, rules are rules… “Pass the bottle over”!

Finally, my big chance, I’d take a few deep breathes as if readying myself for an Olympic event and up the bottle would go. It was heavenly, cold, sweet and carbonated, life was good. I was going to show my big brothers what time it was…

But alas, my throat and stomach a bit bigger and tougher than my sister’s was no match for the two big guzzlers. Eyes watering, throat burning, burping carbonation, I’d given it all I had…

The fast emptying bottle went back to the beginning, the oldest. Oh No! My chance of getting a second shot was disappearing down the throat of my oldest brother! With less than a quarter of the bottle left and the next guzzler up to bat I knew my chance for another “up to guzzle” was ended.

Do you remember the story of Adam and Eve? What was the sin? It was disobedience to be sure, but what motivated the obedience is the issue.

Eve desired to be “as gods.” Her decision or choice is the root of all sin since that time. Her weakness had been exposed, like the serpent before her, she had forbidden desires to fulfill within herself.

That word that we’re all guilty of to one degree or another constantly throughout our lives and the answer to every problem that plagues this earth is this: Selfishness.

Think about what the world would be like without selfishness, it would be perfect, it would be The Garden Of Eden. Only God in us and in the world allows us to live above the flesh and instinct of an animal.

Thank God for HIs intervention into our spirits.

Sometimes Dean would pull Bobby up short to make sure Sheral and I got one last small guzzle. Being the youngest and last he would let me “kill” the bottle of Coke.

That was years before anyone thought of or I heard the word “backwash”…

Oh well…