I have a secret

image courtesy of photobucket.com

I have a secret… Even though it’s a secret, it’s more like a secret weapon. I suspect a lot of people have secrets, things they don’t share with everyone in their life. There are good secrets and not so good secrets. My secret is a good secret, it makes me better, and when I’m finished with this post, it will no longer be a secret.

People come along in our lives that we connect with. We get to use the free will of God to choose the people in our lives, at least the majority of the time. The people we connect with will either make us better or make us worse. While that’s not a big secret, many still use the gift of free will to make the wrong decisions.

All of us in this life will and have made wrong decisions, some of us just a little more often than others. The good choices of the right people in our lives have a way of making our lives better, they can make us stronger, more like to the people God designed us to be.

After the connection is made to others in our lives, it’s a give and take relationship. We support, encourage and inspire others, which fulfills the part of us God intended. The things we give, often before we ever give them, we receive from the people God’s placed in our lives. The gifts that gratify both the receiver and the giver.

Those are the secret weapons supplied by God in our lives. Even though the world can’t see them, God uses them to impact others in our world. I believe the secret weapons start at home, without a home where God blesses our heart to rest, the give and take is less likely.

I’m thankful for the many people in my life that help me be more and more the person God’s calling me to be, starting with my wife. She is my secret weapon… But, that’s not my secret. I have other secrets; family, friends, even friends I’ve never met face to face. To all of you I say thank you and God bless.

There is one more secret, secret weapon I have to reveal. She makes me look better and smarter than I really am. I haven’t hid her on purpose, I just thought I needed to give a public “Thank you,” for all she does.

You may have noticed my grammar and punctuation is close to flawless. Of all the hundreds of posts I’ve published, except for some in the very beginning, only two were mistake free, thanks to my secret weapon.

My secret is; I have a person who edits my posts, even when she’s out of town, sick, or on vacation. Many of us have secrets, hopefully they’re good ones like mine is – or now was!

Thank you, Lainey, for all your time and diligence… You’re the best! And thank you to the other secret weapons out there that continually support and encourage me, may I do the same for you… May God bless you.

I never could keep a secret…