I deserve a doughnutThey weren’t lying… I thought they were, but sure enough, the first time I took their challenge they won… Then they won again the second, third, and fourth time. That’s when I gave up. They were right, their potato chips were good and “Nobody could eat just one.” So I gave up and in and ate pretty much the entire bag every time I got my hands on one.

We all have weaknesses, some of us more than others, but it’s something we all have in common. My friend Barb Raveling knows of what she speaks and writes. In her second book, “I Deserve A Donut”, Barb covers the subject from an emotional and physical perspective that offers wise words and scripture to make an impact on any reader regardless of one’s weakness.

Here is one of many quotes that stuck out to me, “What usually happens when you take the time to work through the emotion is that your desire to eat will disappear. If you don’t take the time, that emotion has to go somewhere. Usually, it goes to the kitchen looking for something to eat.” Barb uses some straight forward road maps to achieve success from a Biblical perspective over our weaknesses.

Barb is an amazingly gifted teacher and I’d encourage you to pick up her book and make her blog a regular stop. Click here. Congratulations, Barb!