hitch er' up

image courtesy of photobucket.com

“Are you sure”? I asked the old guy. He turned half way around, looked at me with his chin raised as if pointing to my chest with it, one eyebrow raised high for effect and began to speak slowly and deliberately, “Boy”! – “If I tell you the duck can pull the plow – you’d best hitch er’ up”!

I chuckled a bit, he half-grinned as he was turning back around. “You know, that’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard”! I laughed at the adage I’d never heard until right then, half surprised with my southern roots of having missed that little jewel. “Yeah – I guess it is dumb… but you get the point don’t you”? he countered. “I do”! I admitted.

As ridiculous as that sounds that’s how many of us live our lives. We attempt the impossible believing there is a chance it will work. Often those of us that belong to God seem to be the most screwed up. We seek our own will, our desires, and throw an “In Jesus name I pray” to the end of it and can’t understand why the duck won’t pull the plow!

Likewise, there are other times when we limit the God of the universe as if He were limited by one of our fallen soul cages. We live by different rules, things granted to the lost are usually the things that keep them blinded to God’s truth, sadly most often for their entire lives.

The rules of this physical dimension are the same for all of us, but for those of us that know God, know that there is more beyond our senses, much more. The flesh and the laws of this physical dimension seduce and trap us. Living above and beyond the flesh is where our soul finds peace and rest.

Rest in the physical world is temporary, fleeting and always keeps us needing more. The flesh is weak and our senses struggle with that reality. Our eyes see what the lost see, our ears hear what the world hears. Our noses take in what the weak smell, as our nerve endings sense the pleasure of what the world touches.

“Whatever ye ask in My name, it will be given ye,” words from Christ Himself. What I ponder is how those of us who know God and the true desires of His heart can ask for things in this life that aren’t the heart of God? If it’s not asked for with the same desire and heart from God then it’s “Not in My name,” is it?

I’m not saying that God doesn’t bless and grant perfect protection and provision for His chosen, but it might not look like what our mind’s eye, nose, ears, and hands are picturing. God knows our hearts, our strengths, our weaknesses, and what’s good for one might not be good for another.

The trappings of this world are named that for a reason; they trap… they are a snare… they enslave… If God wants the duck to pull the plow – hitch er’ up. In the meantime, maybe we should think twice before trying to strap wings on the wind.