“Play hit the wode, Jack, again,” she squealed from the backseat of my truck. She was young, real young, before she could say her “R’s”. My youngest meant “Hit The Road Jack” by Ray Charles. I’d press the back button on the CD player, yet again, and we’d sing it together, “No more, no more, no more, no more, Hit The Road Jack, and don’t you come back no mooooooooooore.”

She’s not so different than her dad when it comes to music. She’s always loved it. At that age, she had her favorites. Along with that Ray Charles song, she loved “Me and you a Dog Named Boo”, by Lobo, the best.

image courtesy of kat45.com

Of course, that time in our lives sailed by like an Amtrak train at full speed, us more than the kids. All the girls taste in music has changed. They’re not so different than all of us that have grown up in the Rock-N-Roll decades.

The older girls have mellowed much quicker than I did. The youngest still likes her music with an edge… not sure where she gets that…

Everything changes because we change. One of the many ignorant declarations I made in my youth was that I’d never own a four-door car. I was young enough that the kids never heard it.

Admittedly, cars with four doors have come a long way from the days of stations wagons, Pontiac Catalina’s, and Chevy Caprices… What hasn’t changed is my passion for stylish cars. Even if they do have four doors.

We are who we are; the tastes, passions, and desires God born us with.

The oldest has a thing for sporty cars, stylish ones. Although now as a mother of two her motherly instincts have taken over. Proof of that was when she sent her Mustang packing and rounded up an SUV. Our middle daughter is more practical, always has been. She prefers her hybrid car… hard to grasp…
The youngest like cars too, but her taste is for most things nostalgic. She has dibs on my old muscle car.

The things we love or the things we crave, and it can be anything, not just cars or music, can be used against our weak flesh. When the things of this earth become more dear to us than the One who caused or allowed them, a wake up call is coming. I know. My neck hurts from being snapped back to attention.

Our youngest and I compare music, usually when she’s home from college. I wasn’t at all surprised when I found out she was going to be the DJ on Friday afternoons at the college radio station.

Music is one of her passions. In time I think her tastes will change, but till then I’ll tune in.

You can catch her online too at ASU, “The Blaze”, Fridays from 3:oo to 4:00 pm.

I’ll admit I was proud to hear her sweet voice over the airwaves. Maybe if you too request it, we can get her to play “Hit The Road Jack”. She smiles every time she hears it… always will.