memory lane

image courtesy of photobucket.com

I hadn’t seen him for awhile. We picked up right where we left off; solving world issues, social, political, and you name it. We’re experts you know… It wasn’t long into the conversation and there we were, cruising down Memory Lane. It’s a beautiful street…

Everything on Memory Lane is  perfectly in its place, nothing hidden from view. From the vantage point of the here and now we can see 20/20, especially viewing the very distant past.

As we shared our views, which were nearly identical, the sense of absolute was setting in. The interesting part of all of it is the fact that the words we shared aren’t anything new, just our realization and understanding of them are.

It’s good to look back in time, to remember our words and deeds, good and bad alike. As we spoke, my passion flared like it will do and the next thing I knew I was reliving the past in vivid detail.

My friend has daughters 11 and 9, which sent my mind into that section of town that Memory Lane meanders through. Sometimes looking back we can see how we’ve changed or how we are changing. I’d say the majority of the change is good, but sometimes in reflection we can see clearly some of the good things lost or forgotten. Such was the case that day.

I spoke with my friend of the years I spent coaching my daughters and all the girls that would become an integral part of our lives. I shared how it actually helped me balance my work life that I’d let soar out of control with little to no moderation.

As I spoke about the girls and the years, I remembered an intense passion in me that I tried to instill in them. I’d say almost every one of those girls have passion, not instilled by me, but maybe understood a little better, certainly practiced on a regular basis.

Life has a way of wearing us down, beating us up, and sometimes even causing us to retreat. Maybe it’s good to get a break, regroup, and recharge before we run back into the battle of life to make a difference.

I think whatever we are drawn or called to can’t go very far without the driving force of desire or passion. These gifts I believe aren’t born in the flesh, but in our spirit; the spirit created by and for God.

I’m not claiming that many of us, myself included, don’t sometimes get sidetracked and use these gifts for the wrong purposes. Like all gifts of this world, that’s a possibility, especially in this fallen world.

The passion we get to use for the benefit of others seems even more powerful than when used for purely selfish motives. I’ve given that passion a good long vacation. It should be well rested. It tried to hide, but there is no hiding on Memory Lane.

Occasionally we need to cruise that old street, relocate the lost or hiding passion, and put it back to work. “There it is over there”! I missed my old friend…

Welcome back Passion… We got things to do…