51TpDyGZsuL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU01_hats off to danBad things happen to good people… That’s a tough fact of life that many people wrestle with regardless of spiritual belief. It gets worse… Sometimes bad things happen to kids too… That one is even harder to swallow. The majority of us were lucky or blessed enough to be spared the worst of atrocities that can happen to children, but it doesn’t matter how good a childhood we had – we all carry scars from childhood and those who try to ignore them or pretend they didn’t happen fare much worse than the folks do who face the past realities of life head on.

That’s what my friend Dan Erickson has done in his first two novels, “A Train Called Forgiveness,” and “At The Crossing Of Justice And Mercy.” Being a bit cynical by nature, and maybe due to some scars from childhood, when people tell me they grew up in a cult, I’m skeptical. I’ll admit that I was with Dan at first… Till I read “A Train Called Forgiveness” that Dan wrote based on the true account of his life as the main character of Andy Burden.

Dan’s life was literally a living hell for him and some of the other young boys and girls that were also trapped in a cult right under the noses of our modern day society. “A Train Called Forgiveness” is Dan’s recounting the life inside a cult – his fight to escape – and the decades of the aftermath trying to piece the fragments of a destroyed childhood together to make sense out of it and seek truth and peace from God for himself and for his young daughter. (Not revealed in the first book)

Dan doesn’t pretend to answer all the questions in this real and raw account of his long journey back to the comfort only found in our Father, but he does give amazing insights into human nature and finds an island of wisdom in the peculiar place aboard “A Train Called Forgiveness.”

“A Train Called Forgiveness” lays the tracks for Dan’s next book “At The Crossing Of Justice And Mercy” and delivers an action-packed mystery that continues to ask the hard questions and conquer the recurring doubts we all face after we think we’ve slain the dragons of our past wounds and scars that we find out all too often are merely mended, not healed.

Dan Erickson delivers one of the most captivating journeys and stories that I can remember reading since I was a kid. My heart beat with stress and dread as if I were with Andy Burden as he searches for peace of mind and faces his deepest and darkest fears that have been haunting him since childhood.

Andy Burden seeks to find the answers to life’s toughest questions in action and pursuit of truth – despite the bludgeoning fear that rides on his shoulders. He finds some of that truth amidst dire danger “At The Crossing Of Justice And Mercy.”

I highly recommend Dan’s books IN ORDER. Reader be aware – it’s real life and is not censored, neither book is vulgar or rude, just a real account with similar hurdles we all face… Dan’s were just set a lot higher… I purchased my own copies of Dan’s books via Ibis Books at Amazon and was not asked for a favorable review in exchange for anything.

HOMERUN DAN ERICKSON!!! My hats off to you, Sir!

I recommend you check out my friend Dan’s post on a regular basis at danerickson.net