I was making my way through the first year of being a teenager that summer, the year our country celebrated its Bicentennial birthday. It was a big deal. Everything was red, white, and blue. Even my basketball was sporting the colors of the flag.

That year in school was the year we had to memorize The Preamble of the Constitution. I still know most of the words to it, even now, some forty plus years later. (Props to my Social Studies teacher who follows this blog!)

Every one of us knew, even with a couple ounces of innocence left, that this wasn’t a perfect country. But we also knew that it was the best in the world. We were taught that. We were also taught that a government by and for the people, could be even better with time.

image courtesy of grandparents. com

You hear things as a kid, but it takes years to listen to those voices from the past. We didn’t think much of the 4th of July, other than getting to see fireworks and stuffing our faces with ice cream. The Star Spangled Banner was a pretty song. But the “Rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through night that our flag was still there,” didn’t carry the impact that it does when you’re older and consider the Americans that died rather than surrender, fighting for a country that put people first, the government second.

I worry about this once God fearing nation. I worry about the people that are more concerned about being taken care of instead of being free. Our generation tends to be more of the “Don’t Tread On Me” type of mind sets. We don’t want security, we want freedom first. Security comes from God, not mankind.

That same 1976, the Bicentennial year, there was a TV station with the call letters “KTVK”, a local Phoenix station, that ran a spot that lasted about a second and a half. During that moment it showed an American flag waving proudly in the breeze. A narrator quoted a partial Bible verse from Psalm like an auctioneer. He said, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”

Until I learned a bit more about the history of the world… I didn’t realize how true that Bible verse was and is.

God Bless America! Happy 4th of July to all and may God bless you too.