for someone
For Someone:

How many tears have been spent on your behalf? More than I’ll bet you could ever imagine… Only God counts that high… Do you think so little of your loved ones? Of course.. They mean nothing to you. Only you and your desires count in your world.

How could your loved ones and their name mean anything to you? How can you love and respect them if you can’t love and respect yourself? How many promises have you broken? How many lies have you told? I suspect more than you could ever number.

What about the lies you tell yourself? Do they count? Or are you so drunk on the desires of the flesh that your life has now become like a revolting high on the decaying flesh that is so blurry you can no longer focus on what truth is?

The whole world can see what truly matters to you. Your intense insecurity can only be fed by people loving you, but even you know deep inside they don’t love you. You also know that it doesn’t matter how many want, need, desire, or love you, it isn’t enough. Nothing is enough… That desire can’t be satisfied… why? Because it isn’t love. They think no more of you than you think of yourself.

What is the meaning and purpose for your life? If you died today what would be your legacy? God forbid you die today! Who could stand up for you? Would you have them lie for you too? What would your offspring say on your behalf? Would they wish they’d never been born?

Is the earth better or worse because of you? We’ll find out soon… The selfish, sinful life of lust you’re speeding down, will call for your soul very soon. How will you answer? Why do you ignore all the signs from God?

You are exactly what’s wrong with our world. You take, never stopping to consider giving. You only give to get, to feed your illusionary self-image. Who do you serve? DO NOT be the worst of all liars and think for a second you serve God – you serve Satan.

Knowing who  you serve is similar to adding one plus one, or reading the “E” on the eye chart from three feet away with 20/20 vision. When you serve yourself, you serve your master Satan.

Having a child doesn’t make you an acceptable parent. Taking a shower can’t make you clean. Telling some people you are one way while showing the other people the opposite, makes you the worst of all prodigals. The only ones who have ever loved you are the ones you lie to. The ones that think nothing of you are the ones you desperately seek acceptance and affection from.

I’ve been down your road, I passed by like the young fool. Gratification from the world is a riddle of the worst kind; it can’t be solved… it is a lie.

I believe if you don’t turn immediately from the life you are living by the grace of God.. The tears will continue to spill from the eyes that really love you…

On your grave…