falling backwardShe was getting frustrated with him. He wanted to cooperate, but something inside of him was warning him not to. “You keep putting your foot back! Don’t put your foot back!” She yelled at him. She was getting furious with her little brother and  was beyond angry that her little brother who probably weighed all of forty pounds wouldn’t trust her. After all, she did out weigh him by at least fifteen pounds! What’s not to trust?

As I exited the store the two kids were blocking foot traffic playing the game of trust. The brown eyed and headed domineering big sister would stand behind her little brother in her Sunday best and urging the equally well-dressed with-matching-eyes-little-brother into falling backward into her outstretched arms.

As I stepped around them she began to coach him again, “Okay, I’m ready!” As the little boy began to fall back I saw his right foot shoot back to protect him in case his big sister couldn’t catch him. She screamed, “You did it again! You keep putting your foot back!” The little boy just smiled as his sister physically turned him around to try again. She wasn’t giving up. I glanced back as I moved past them on the crowded sidewalk. That’s a battle she wasn’t going to win…

I thought about those type of times with my siblings as a kid. I never trusted my sibling completely either. Maybe it was instinct or maybe she’s betrayed his trust. Either way, that kid couldn’t do it.

My brothers stood beside my dad’s old work truck with their friends. Being somewhat of a contortionist, my brothers bragged, “Floyd can fit into this tool box!” It was one of those small, square, tool boxes that mounted underneath the flatbed of a pick-up truck just in front of the back wheels.

As soon as I had pulled, twisted, contorted, and made my way in, “Bam!” They shut and locked the door… That was the last time I was that gullible to trust them when we were kids.

Human beings are born with instinct, but also intelligence. We inherently want to trust our loved ones. The problem I think in our fallen world is that since none of us is perfect, we’re going to let others down. We’re going to drop them on the sidewalk – flat on their backs and heads, even when we don’t want to.

We want to catch and protect our loved ones, but we don’t always perform up to our desires and standards or who we want to be. We’re just like the little girl who wants to be trusted. We want to be trust worthy and we get our feelings pushed out of place when we’re not.

We’re also like the little brother who wants badly to trust, but know deep inside there’s a good chance we’re going to get hurt. As we get older it’s not as much physically as it is emotionally. For those of us who know the truth, we know that only our Father is perfectly trustworthy. Only the Creator and sustainer of the cosmos and all that’s in it is above the physical laws of it.

I’ve been dropped… and I’ve done my share of dropping… I’m not putting my faith in mankind alone. I trust my Father first and the discernment He grants. When my Father urges me to fall backward – I’m closing my eyes and throwing my arms out to the side and smile wide as I fall into the perfect hands of my Father. I’m confident He will never forsake or drop me…

At the risk of sounding like an insurance commercial… I have to ask;

“Are you in Good hands?”