It’s impossible to forget some of the really dumb things we’ve done along the way… The 8,000 pound forklift was cruising along in second gear, not exceptionally fast, but a whole lot faster than an easy jog.

I was in dire need of more studs and plate (long 2x4s). Instinct is a peculiar thing, especially for young people, young men in particular. My survival instinct was being measured by a teenager’s warped perspective.

The forklift driver, who was being hounded by more than just me, ignored me and drove on by. Without thinking I dropped my nail bags and quickly sprinted to match the speed of the forklift. I launched off the earth toward the moving forklift like I was going up for a lay-up.

Mid jump the forklift turned…

My foot grazed the worn metal step on the side of the forklift. Just as I hit the dirt the back tire of forklift, where all the counterweight is, ran me over…

That’s the kind of dumb thing a fella just never forgets… the resulting aches and pains serve as a reminder.

You’d think that after over thirty five years later I’d be finished doing dumb things…

dumb things
image courtesy of imdb.com

We had a get together New Year’s Eve. A couple times a year I light the fire feature on top of the water feature in the backyard. It’s a little hard to get to due to the fact that the features are located with a water slide around them… and it was raining… See where I’m going here?

I was pressed for time, but more importantly I still have some dumb notion that I’m invincible, even after having been shown the contrary a zillion times since the forklift incident.

Yes, I stepped cautiously, it’s even hard to type this, down a slide that is designed to be slick when wet in my rubber soled tennis shoes.

My back and wrist were what hit the tile covered concrete slide first. Blood, bruises, and a freshly aching back. My lifelong friends.

I could be a little more dull than most, but I think that most of us are prone to make the same type of mistakes over and over. We assume that we’re physically strong enough, or worse, spiritually strong enough to avoid doing dumb things.

Without the guidance and wisdom from God we do dumb things. Even after a lifetime of learning, we’re prone to wander.

It’s a New Year and I’m hoping and praying for you and me both to have one that will bring fewer dumb things that we’re all prone to… 😉